uPVC Windows Kochi

admin on October 31, 2019

Weatherseal, a market-leading manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors, has opened a studio showroom to provide for uPVC windows Kochi, both designed to help homeowners and installed to reap all the benefits of uPVC windows.

The uPVC windows and doors Kochi showroom gives the feel and experience of the products to customers. This further benefits customer in choosing quality products for their homes, according to the size or style of the house they live in.

The showroom consists of samples of Weatherseal prime range of products like bi-fold, casement and patio doors. The objective is to inspire Homeowners through fabulous designs and types. Especially of the increasingly popular bi-fold door range, which is one of the very few systems in the market is offered with great precision and functionality by Weatherseal. Our product collection also includes the ever-popular French doors, along with traditional favorites such as in-line patio doors, but with a contemporary twist of handles collection – a stunning proposition for any homeowner who lives in city apartments or contemporary homes.

As more homeowners decide to upgrade their homes we customise and manufacture upvc windows using the latest machinery. Weatherseal presence for uPVC windows Kochi is to give a real quality feel, which will create exactly the right impression with customers.

uPVC windows Kochi- Designs to suit your home

Everybody’s house is different and that’s why we have such a huge range of uPVC windows. We offer different styles of windows to fit different properties, such as casement windows and Sliding windows. Our windows are suitable for all kinds of buildings and provide an elegant statement, looking authentic but with the added performance of modern engineering. They are easy to use and require very low maintenance, with easy cleaning.

Our casement windows are a new and exciting product that we offer, designed to replicate the style and appearance of an authentic timber window. We offer a color range for the wood finish look of the window. The casement is made from uPVC for low maintenance, providing improved insulation and energy efficiency, and features a frame that replicates the quality of timber. They have been made to blend with both traditional and contemporary homes.

Benefits Of UPVC Windows that homeowners would rejoice:

Insulation against Sound

One of the reasons people enjoy spending time in their home is the peace and quiet. But, what if you can hear all of the neighborhood sounds. With Weatherseal uPVC windows Kochi you get an extra layer of insulation against the noise outside.


Get corrosion-resistant multi-point locking to ensure that your property is secure when you’re at home – and when you’re away. These advanced security features give you peace of mind that you and your home are safe.

Resistant to Damage

The following damage other types of windows:
Salt Erosion and corrosion
Fading from the sun (UV rays)

To avoid these, install uPVC windows Kochi.

As a homeowner, check on the state of your windows. If you notice that they’re beginning to look a bit shabby, or if your energy bill is beginning to rise, then you can consider replacement windows. Weatherseal uPVC windows for replacement has incredible benefits for your home.

The cost of uPVC windows primarily depends on the window dimensions. To know more about the products and cost, get in touch today! Our uPVC windows and doors Kochi will be the best for your home. You will save money on your energy bills, stay at a comfortable temperature and so much more.

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