uPVC Windows Kolar Vocab for Interior Design and Construction

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uPVC Windows Kolar Vocab – Find out all relevant terminologies and definitions for Interior Design and Construction.


A frame in which panes of glass are set in a window or occasionally a door. The girdle is generally appertained to in sliding windows. For e.g. opening girdle, fixed girdle.


A window that opens on hinges, rather than sliding.


The central perpendicular members that may frame a window


The central vertical member of a window Sill The vertical member at the base of a window that forces water to run off and down from the structure.

Bottom/Lower Rail

The nethermost vertical member of a casement or girdle.

Top Rail

The top vertical member of a casement or girdle.

Articulation of Natural Light

An opening part at the top or bottom of a window, depended at either its top or nethermost rail. If depended at the top it opens out and if depended at the bottom it generally opens in.

Fixed Light

The glazed part of the window that isn’t depended or opening. i.e. it is fixed in position.

Function of a Window with respect  to uPVC windows Kolar Vocab
The function of windows isn’t as simple as creating a waterproof view, they also
Allow natural light in
Frequently allow ventilation
Have an aesthetic value
Allow the tenant to see outside the structure without leaving it, ( security)
. Keep cold and sound transference to a minimum while feeding for all of the below
The quantum of natural light entering a room will be dependent on the windows, size and shape, how it’s made, i.e. the number and size of mullions and transoms, it’s position in the room and the goods of internal and external reflection.


All inhabitable apartments must have a form of ventilation either mechanical ( using tubes and suckers) or natural, this is generally by opening windows. Opening windows for ventilation are the most common and provident forms of ventilation.

Structure regulations vary from country to country still a good rule of thumb to use is that the windows for the room must have an opening area of at least 10 of the bottom area.

This will need to be checked with your original structure regulations. Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries are different again because of odour, humidity and airborne bacteria.

They’re frequently needed to have a form of mechanical ventilation in lieu of or as well as opening windows. (As with all structure systems you must check with your original authority and structure controllers before you embark on a job that requires construction rather than decoration. It would pay to employ the services of an mastermind, draftsperson or mastermind to establish the legal parameters).

Heat, Cold and Sound
Before discussing these key topics please read uPVC windows Kolar benefits and interrelate.
Because of its veritably nature, a pane of glass is generally relatively thin and transparent, especially in comparison to the wall in which it sits. The wall has been designed to stop or reduce the transference of heat, cold and noise and so should a window while still achieving all of its other functions. Unfortunately glass is a poor thermal insulator unless working in confluence with an air gap. Colorful styles are used to stop or reduce the sound and thermal transference as much as practical.

Double-glazing is the most common system of this and a crucial uPVC windows Kolar Vocab. There are colorful spectacles that have salutary parcels similar as Hush glass, and solar control spectacles that control these factors to a degree. A sealed gap
between two wastes of glass forms a system of double-glazing.

A space of 20 millimetres is enough to ameliorate thermal sequestration still a gap of 150 to 200 millimetres is demanded to reduce sound. Typical double-glazing with 20 mm gap does give some sound reduction.

Icing that there’s a good seal between the opening part of the window (the girdle or casement) and the frame will reduce heat loss and ameliorate sound sequestration. Essence or plastic rubberized sealing strips around the rebates of the frame and opening girdle will prop in achieving this.

Glass companies are constantly perfecting glass technology and are
experts in this field. They’re generally further than happy to go over the options available as well as offer leaflets and occasionally samples, so if you’re recommending or wanting to use double-glazing, communicate them.

Types of Window Frames

A introductory window consists of a head, two jambs and a stave.

Still, a transom would be used, if vertically a mullion, If the window is divided horizontally.

The area of glass is known as the light.

The opening part of the light is called the casement if depended and the girdle if sliding.

a) Side hung casement

b) Top hung casement

c) Pivot hung casement

d) vertical sliding girdle

e) perpendicular sliding girdle

f) louvered window

g) Round windows ( frequently rotated as they’re delicate to depend securely)

h) Dormer window, ( generally casement)

i) Arched window

j) Bay window

k) Bow window

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