Cracking The ENERGY EFFICIENT Code with UPVC WINDOWS Tirupati

admin on December 17, 2018

Let’s introduce you to this marvellous product from Weatherseal which will bless you and your home with a golden charm! The uPVC doors are known for their extreme strength and durability. These doors are known to withstand all the climatic conditions, resist dust, provide acoustic and heat insulation, energy efficiency yet enrich your home with a sense of charm and class! The uPVC doors are also known for their longevity and low maintenance. Post installation of uPVC doors, you do not need to count your days needed to spend on the cleaning and maintenance of these doors! Just a general wiping with cloth and water would suffice! uPVC windows and doors Tirupati won’t test your patience and promise you a durable and long lasting door without even taking a slightest of the toll on the appearance part!

The properties of this uPVC which you will surely admire

1- These materials are self-extinguishing and hence they do not contribute in any incident of fire adding a safety layer to your home. The other features which follow are dust resistance, acoustic insulation and energy efficiency.

2- The gasket technology preinstalled in the frames prevents any entry of dust particles or any air or sound! This, in turn, makes the windows made from uPVC dustproof, soundproof, and energy efficient.

3- The use of the internal glazing option available at Weatherseal adds in the acoustic insulation feature. The normal glazing allows reduction of noise pollution by up to 70% whereas the double glazed glasses cuts noise by 80 – 95%! Double glazing is nothing but a layer of vacuum compressed between the two layers of glass. The presence of the vacuum compression between the glasses cuts down the unwanted noises by maximum percentage!

4- These uPVC doors are UV resistant. This means despite no matter is that the brightness of the sun outside; your doors ar fully safe from dwindling from their colour!

5- The other materials used for doors like wood and aluminium may give up under extreme conditions, but never will your favourite uPVC doors! The wooden doors will for sure fall prey to rotting and distortion of shape during heavy rainy conditions! Also, the termite and fungal attacks might trouble you as much with wooden doors! But no such problems with uPVC doors! The aluminium doors might withstand these conditions.

6- But for sure won’t survive during the hot summers or the fire breakouts! Aluminium being a metal conducts heat and hence makes the interiors more hot and humid. During fire breakouts, being metal responds to the heat and fire! But uPVC doors, they are self-combustible! They do not enhance or support fire at any cost! Neither do they transmit heat during summers! Rather they trap the heat in their inbuilt multi chambers and the residual heat is prevented from sneaking out due to the gasket technology! This makes uPVC doors energy efficient as well!