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Building a home in a fast moving city with loads of space constraint could be really challenging. Bi-Fold UPVC doors from Weatherseal can mitigate these problems to a larger extent. Also known as Glass Sliding doors/ Slide and Amp fold doors, these bifold doors can do wonders when space management is in question. These doors come with panels ranging from 2 to 7. These panels or leaves of the door can provide expansive openings, good visuals yet can spare ample of space for other use. Bifold doors are specially designed with ultra slim sightlines which gives your home a rich, classy look and gives a better balcony space.

The bifold doors from Weatherseal come in a varied range of colours and multi-lock system to match your requirement in terms of the appearance and security. To enable easy operation of these bifold doors, the rollers are equipped with 4 wheels and 2 nylon guides. The fusion welding of the frames and sash provides extra strength and security. The profile wall thickness of the uPVC bifold doors is greater than 2.5 mm hence the benefits of high quality, effective geometry, shape and strong profile can be expected. Bifold doors come with hidden running gears at the top and bottom of the concealed track which helps avoiding jimmying, adding an extra layer to the security feature.

If you are a nature lover and would love to enjoy lush green gardens/ lawns adjacent to your home or even a miniature balcony garden then opting for bifold doors could nurture your dreamy fondness into a beautiful reality! The extremely low maintenance doors post installation can be opened inwards/outwards and gives the maximum expansion of space. Bifold doors are the revolutionary improvisation in the home and décor sector since the last decade. They are extremely useful, practical and visually pleasing. The comfort of different weathers be it summer, autumn, monsoons or winters; they all can be a part of your cherished memories with bifold doors from Weatherseal! These versatile bifold windows give you a full view of the outdoors both when the doors are shut and open respectively. If you wish for oozing sunlight refreshing your home in winters or if you wish for a light breeze with star gazing during summer nights or even wish to fill your lungs with the smell of nostalgia during monsoons, bifold doors help you to blend your fantasies with realities!

To seal the warmth of your home in winters and maintain the pleasantness during summers, bifold doors from Weatherseal comes with the double sealing of TPV gaskets enhancing thermal insulation. Also if you are longing for calm and peaceful surroundings, the bifold door is the answer! The five chambers of the profile with acoustic insulation in bifold doors reduce outside noise by 80 to 95%. The 2mm G.I. re-inforcement and tight grip on the wall provide extra strength hence prevents all rattling and whistling sounds. Now be it your sessions of meditations or just your cozy nap time, it will be just you and your peace! Forever get relief from noisy living places!

The modern contemporary look of the bifold doors makes it more appealing in the current market. Practically there are no such accountable disadvantages of these bifold doors unless you do not want to brighten your days with warm sparkling sunshine and nurture your inner child in the shades of nature!

To fulfill your precious dreams Weatherseal ensures the best of quality and services throughout! Weatherseal is partnered with Deceuninck from Belgium, who is one of the top 3 UPVC Profile Extruders in the world and Pioneers in Europe from last 80 years.

Build your dream classy and beautiful home brushing aside all worries and challenges of space constraint with Weatherseal Bifold Doors!

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