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Weatherseal brings the most qualified flavour of French windows in the market with a twist of high strength and safety coefficient. French windows are a pair of casement windows with some tweaking! These windows open in the middle reaches down to the floor and placed strategically on an exterior wall! The French windows at Weatherseal come with four locking mechanism to ensure extra safety. The French windows at Weatherseal are made from robust and high-quality uPVC which expands the longevity and durability of these windows. Additionally, these windows are soundproof, dustproof and ensure maximum opening. These windows can be installed in the various parts of the house namely living rooms, balconies and kitchen. To bring extra comfort to the customers, these French windows are available in 3 attractive colours!

UPVC French windows

Amongst most, the popular and the best amongst the breed of windows is the world-renowned French Windows, known for its signature design all across the world. These Windows have made an impact on not just the homeowners but also the architects who are quick to suggest French Windows for structures of any kind.

We at Weatherseal offer a most qualified flavor of French Windows in the form of a uPVC version of French Windows. Being the most opted option for good illumination and easy operation, our offerings in this segment of Windows variant has added to the durability and technicality in the choices of French Windows. Weatherseal French windows have four locking mechanisms that ensure safety and security to the highest limits of its kind. Another Complimenting provision of the Weatherseal offering to French windows is the extra protective and strong Glass that is installed on our product. The Glass is made of superior quality and does qualify to be amongst the list unbreakable glass compositions.

Weatherseal French windows are made up of environment-friendly uPVC material that is robust and durable for many years into its usage. Our offerings into the French doors have a high coefficient in Strength and Safety while safeguarding the aesthetics of the windows to its traditional best. The ventilation through these French windows from Weatherseal help keeps a Relaxing Atmosphere.

We at Weatherseal value greatly an individual’s choice of colors and provide many variants of colors to ensure your home looks as beautiful as you intend them to be. Our windows have been designed by designers of international reputation ensuring that every window that is installed at a home compliment the interiors of the home in a perfectly suiting manner.

  • Standard and EnergyPlus range available and acts as a fire escape
  • Flexible and Easy opening mechanism.
  • Maximum Light availability from outdoors owing to its slim slight lines
  • Relaxing environment with its Simple yet attractive designs.
  • Aesthetically pleasant in all regards and range of moods
  • Assured 10 years Warranty on profile and hardware
  • Energy efficient with high thermal insulation. Keeps inside cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Internal or external Beadings available in sculptured or chamfered frames
  • Weatherseal is bringing French style to your home with french windows.
  • French windows give you 100% opening to your window space.
  • French windows are the right choice for the customer to get the openable space as per his requirement like one shutter opening or two shutters opening.
  • French windows come with the inward and outward opening.
  • Weatherseal offers you soundproof and maintenance free windows in the French model.
  • French window comes with tower bolt mechanism to fulfill customer requirements in the aspect of opening.
  • French windows are strength enriched with 1.5 mm GI steel and co-extruded gasket.
  • French windows are the right choice for living area, entrance area, bedroom etc.
  • Weatherseal offers you 20 years of warranty to all the windows. We offer you 4 color variants.
  • French window comes with multiple locking mechanisms to increase the security to your home.
  • French windows are the right choice for your home to protect your home from bad weather and noise.
  • Weatherseal offers you different handles for French windows like golden handle, double access handle and single access handle etc.
  • French windows are able to hold the glass 5mm thickness to 44mm thickness.

Special Features

  1. Weather compliant for all seasons.
  2. Dust and Waterproof with extra drain slots to stop rainwater from seeping into your homes.
  3. Guaranteed Insulation from Noise.
  4. High security through thick and certified glass packaging.
  5. 4 chambers for high thermal and acoustic insulation.
  6. 60mm profile width for better grip and higher strength.
  7. >2.5mm profile wall thickness for strength and effective geometry.
  8. G.I reinforcement to provide extra strength and avoid rattling and whistling sound.

Types Of Handles

  • Golden handle
  • Brown handle
  • Handle with key

Advantages Of French Windows

  • 5 mm to 44 mm glass range
  • 10+ glass variants
  • Comes with 5 variant colors
  • 85% sound resistance.
  • Gives 100% window space



Benefits To Customers

Profile Wall Thickness >2.5mm High Quality, Stronger Profile, Effective geometry & Shape
G.I Reinforcement Thickness 1.5mm outer frame,1.5mm sash Provides Extra Strength, No Rattling and Whistling Sound
Maximum Glass Thickness 5mm-36mm High security, Noise Reduction
Wind Load Based on the area , static interlocks will be inserted / used to ensure that windows can with stand up to 250kms/hr. withstands all wind conditions throughout India
Sound Insulation upto 32-40db Avoids noise from 80% to 95% depending on glass chosen and outside noise
Drain Slots Yes Does not allow rain water to get into your living space
Profile Width 70mm More grip and strength to withstand
Profile Chambers 4 chambers Multi – Chambers ensures better Noise / Heat insulation
U-value 1.4 W-(m2.k) rate of transfer of heat through different chambers.
Dust Proof coextruded wool piles To provide better dustproof
Water  Proof coextruded tpe gaskets (bacteria resistant weather strips
Colour Golden Oak, Nut Tree, Black Cherry Looks rich like premium wooden window and brings in luxury.
Standards Followed Profiles En-12608/Ensures that the profile is extruded as per the latest standards in the Industry En -12211- for wind resistance
Testing Report Yes Impact strength and colour change insignificant after 6000 hours exposure. Most companies don’t have this test report
Warranty 10 Years 10 years warranty on profile and 1 year warranty on hardwares
deceuninck upvc casement door for sound proof, water and dust proof.


Brand: Weatherseal
Country of Origin: Germany

Cylinder lock for upvc casement door from Deceuninck

Friction Stay

Country of Origin: Europe

upvc casement door handle with multipoint locking syste


Country of Origin: Europe

DNV multipoint locking system for more stiff and safer locking

Multipoint Locking System

Country of Origin: Europe

weatherseal upvc windows and doors uses saint gobain glass for their windows


Brand: Saint-Gobain
Country of Origin: France

upvc internal and external silicon for insulation and water proofing.


Brand: Mc Coy Soudal
Country of Origin: Belgium

fasteners screws for installing upvc casement door which holds to the wall on all the sides

Fasteners Screws

Brand: Wurth
Country of Origin: Germany



Golden oak color gives an individual a soothing and at ease feeling. Install it and relax with a sip of tea.


Nut tree color gives your house a tropical environment, rich and warm look. This color has been continuing since ages due to its uniqueness and will keep on doing so to make your house look beautiful.


Black cherry was introduced in the market in 2013. It is a replacement for natural oak, piedmont as well as primrose. It gives a feeling of adventure. Its color resembles to the dark tone of reddish woodgrain.

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