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Sliding windows are made with the simple effortless sliding mechanism which opens the room in elegant and efficient manner and saves a lot of space. Weatherseal Upvc windows and doors have a wide range of varieties among which sliding window is one among them. These features of the sliding windows make them unique and special than any other brands.
Weatherseal with their variety of products have planned to
spread over Hyderabad and Chennai also.

We are also available at Bangalore, Davangere, Belgaum, Hubli, Shimoga, Hassan, Mysore, Bijapur, Mangalore, Udupi, Hyderabad, Visakapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupathi,Guntur,Aamaravathi,Nellore, Warrangal, Nizamabad

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"Our design engineers visit your place to take measurements, does feasibility study and suggests design and right Windows for your beautiful home.

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Sliding windows go more hand in hand with modern architecture than any other type of windows. Windows are essential part of any house offering an opening to outside world and Weatherseal understands this importance very well. Weatherseal sliding windows are made up of uPVC material giving them aesthetically pleasant look. Available in different colors and designs, you will always find Weatherseal sliding windows matching with your interior. The simple effortless sliding mechanism opens the room in elegant and efficient manner and saves a lot of space. The glass wall used for Weatherseal sliding windows has a comforting ambience for any ordinary room giving is a contemporary look. Simple opening mechanism allows natural light and fresh air to enter. All of the elements of the sliding window can be pushed aside very easily creating unimaginable space. Along with pleasant appearance and simple operating mechanism,Weatherseal sliding windows do not compromise with strength and security.

Reasons to choose Weatherseal sliding windows

  • Brings outside in and creates wider opening
  • Designed in aesthetically appealing way, made up of uPVC material
  • Effortlessly smooth sliding to open up the window to let the fresh air and natural light in

Special Features

  • Opening width up to 6m
  • Up to 6 movable components which can be arranged in any desirable combination whichever suits your interior
  • Ball bearing to give smooth and effortless sliding
  • Thick glass for high security and noise reduction
  • Dust proof, water proof and have drain slots to keep rain water away from your living area
  • 3 chambers for thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Profile wall thickness >2.5mm for high quality and effective geometry, >2mm Sash wall thickness to withstand any wind condition thought out India
  • G. I reinforcement for additional strength


  • Opens up unimaginable space and gives natural relaxation
  • Robust and durable material with 20 years warranty of profile and hardware
  • Thermal insulation to keep inside cool in summer and warm in winter
  • High strength and unbreakable glass
  • Simple, attractive and flexible design to match with your interior
  • Protects from noise and pollution
  • Easy to use and aesthetically appealing
  • Adds value to your house




Benefits to Customers

Window Frame Track & Panel 3 track, 3 panel Best suited for parking area ventilation and where bug mesh not required
Profile Wall Thickness >2.5mm High Quality, Stronger Profile, Effective geometry & Shape
G.I Reinforcement Thickness 1.2mm outer frame, 1.5mm sash Provides Extra Strength, No Rattling and Whistling Sound
Maximum Glass Thickness 5mm-24mm High security, Noise Reduction
Wind Load Based on the area , static interlocks will be inserted / used to ensure that windows can with stand up to 250kms/hr. withstands all wind conditions throughout India
Sound Insulation upto 28db Avoids noise from 70% to 75% depending on glass chosen and outside noise
Drain Slots Yes No room for water seepage
Frame Width 60mm More grip and strength to withstand
Profile Chambers 4 chambers Multi - Chambers ensures better Noise / Heat insulation
U-value 1.4 W-(m2.k) rate of transfer of heat through different chambers. 
Dust Proof coextruded wool piles To provide better dustproof
Water  Proof coextruded TPE gaskets Total blocking of water seepage & bacteria resistant weather strips
Colour  Golden Oak, Nut Tree, Black Cherry Looks rich like premium wooden window and brings in luxury.
Standards Followed Profiles En-12608/Ensures that the profile is extruded as per the latest standards in the Industry En -12211- for wind resistance
Testing Report Yes Impact strength and colour change insignificant after 6000 hours exposure. Most companies do not have this test report
Warranty 10 Years 10 years warranty on profile and 1 year warranty on hardwares
raw materials


We use deceuninck profile for fabrication


Brand: Deceuninck

Country of Origin: Belgium

upvc sliding window sliding roller


Brand: Pulse

Country of Origin: India


upvc sliding window touch lock for each lock and unlock

Pop-up Lock

Brand: Pulse

Country of Origin: India

fasteners Screw for upvc window installation

Fasteners Screws

Brand: Wurth

Country of Origin: Germany


Brand: Saint-Gobain

Country of Origin: France

best silicon for upvc windows and doors


Brand: Mc Coy Soudal

Country of Origin: United States

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