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admin on September 8, 2021

If you’re trying to find a chic and straightforward window design for your property, uPVC casement windows could be your perfect match! These are the essential and standard uPVC window designs, that provide “undivided” view of the outside . The best part about uPVC Kannur is that they’re energy-efficient when well installed. These windows, too, also are available in multiple designs and designs , a bit like other uPVC doors and windows, from our uPVC Kannur dealer.

A window generally offers a classic and practical sort of look. The frame is fixed to the edges with the assistance of hinges. Weatherseal uPVC Kannur provide the uPVC frame, which is best fitted to the fashionable home or office setting, as these frames are versatile and simply customizable.

Casement windows are often easily swung open both outwards and inwards, counting on the supply of space in your room. you’ll also use a cam handle or lever for opening these windows.

Here’s what you would like to understand about uPVC casement windows

Do you know the reason why uPVC windows and doors are trending among both designers and homeowners? It is their advantages over others, that make them superior to other profiles. A list of them are as follows:


Install low-emission glass panes with silicone seals in uPVC windows Kannur. Why? It allows you to enjoy energy efficiency, and hence, low electric bills. Low-E glass is an alternative choice , which is double-glazed glass. How this helps? It helps in reflecting the sun’s heat in summers, and trapping interior heat within the winters. The optimum indoor temperature is, thus, maintained while reducing the necessity for external cooling and heating systems. Besides, uPVC casement windows are non-toxic, which makes it the right eco-friendly material for your doors and windows.

Durability and maintenance

uPVC being a durable material, is ideal for the development of long-lasting casement windows and doors. it’s termite-proof, moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, dust-proof and weather-resistant- thus, it protects your windows from any harsh condition or factor which may harm their aesthetics, or overall strength.

Talking about maintenance, uPVC windows are immune to peeling, flaking, rotting and rusting, even after getting used for years. All you would like to try to to is keep a mild and regular cleaning routine, employing a clean cloth dipped during a mixture of household cleaner and water. Thus, the upkeep of those windows easy and convenient for busy homeowners also .

Safety and security

Add multi-point locking system with uPVC casement windows for operations. Why? This offer a way higher security level than other window materials. Furthermore, uPVC windows are integrated with galvanized steel at cores. Now why is it so? As it’s sturdy that aren’t easy to interrupt, hence providing the window with a further protection layer.

uPVC casement windows are thus a perfect choice for contemporary homes and offices. So, consider of these factors and consult our greatest uPVC Kannur to make sure you invest during a world-class quality uPVC product.

Weatherseal is one among biggest names among the uPVC Kannur too nowadays, serving our delightful clients since 2018. Do you why our products are hit? As they are designed keeping European standards intact, who have been into uPVC since ages now. You find them with perfect tuning of modern technology and premium designs. We specialize in delivering the very best quality uPVC windows and doors to our delighted customers.

Explore our world-class range of uPVC doors and windows, and allow us to know your requirements in order that we will customize your doors and windows as per your requirements.