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Benefits of UPVC over Aluminium and Wood.

Benefits of UPVC over Aluminium and Wood: Now that the right choice is made for doors and windows of your new dream home or office space, you must get hold of the facts and figures of UPVC as well. This will help you in enlightening your near and dear ones and also your acquaintances on their journey of building their own homes!

After all the research done, you must now be thorough with one universal truth that, in the recent times the ultimate choice for building windows and doors for living and workplaces is UPVC worldwide. But have you ever burrowed deeper to know the actual reason of UPVC being so popular in the fenestration industry! Wait, you must be wondering about squeezing out time from your busy stipulated schedule for this digging to satisfy your exploring mind. Relax, just when you are browsing social media on your mobile phone for the latest news and entertainment amidst your busy day, you can just checkout weatherseal website. Read for your own benefit without wasting any more time!

So here goes the benefits of UPVC over aluminium and wood.

  1. Aluminium has a very high thermal expansion coefficient which may lead to distortion of the frames with high climatic variations. Whereas wood absorbs moisture. It expands and contracts during different climatic conditions. Hence both the materials are not suitable if you are looking for a long-term, stress-free, durable product for your home. On the contrary UPVC windows from Weatherseal are strong enough and resistant to most of the adverse climatic conditions. Hence no question of expansion or contraction or any kind of distortion of the frames of the windows and doors!
  2. Aluminium being a metal is a very good conductor of heat. This leads to the hotter summers in the houses installed with aluminium windows and doors! Wood though a bad conductor of heat, can have an increased thermal conductivity. It occurs when the moisture content increases. But no such side effects with UPVC materials! UPVC materials from Weatherseal are heat resistant and help you with cool interiors during hot summers.
  3. Though aluminium windows and doors require low maintenance. It need periodic cleaning to prevent breakdowns and stiff springs in the long run. The wooden materials need timely painting and polishing and also pest control in long run. Whereas the UPVC products from Weatherseal are extremely low maintenance products and requires only occasional cleaning.
  4. Aluminium, as explained earlier, are high on thermal conductivity hence does not prove to be very energy efficient. Wood also does not prove to be very energy efficient. They may also result in leaking of heat from inside to outside and vice-versa of the living spaces. Resulting in more consumption of energy. Whereas, Weatheseal UPVC works as a champion. UPVC products from Weatherseal come with leak-proof fittings and chambers. This makes them the best choice of materials for windows and doors if energy efficiency is the concern. If power conservation and reducing electricity bills are the motive, no other product can serve you the best than Weatheseal UPVC.
  5. Aluminium products are prone to corrosion but not to rust. A dull powdery material deposit is formed on the metal surface called aluminium oxide which requires episodes of cleaning and maintenance. Wood though does not corrode or rust but due to high moisture absorption property tends to rot. But Weatherseal UPVC doesn’t corrode, rust or rot! You get a permanent solution from these three villains in the love story of your home and you with the superhero UPVC from Weatherseal.
  6. Though aluminium has a high melting point but during the unfortunate events of fire breakouts, it does not enable protection as it is a good conductor of heat. Wood again is the worst choice of products during these events as they serve as fuel to fire. But UPVC being self-extinguishing doesn’t support combustion during the fire breakouts. Hence, allowing a better protection from fire.

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The brief comparison between the windows and doors made from aluminium, wood and UPVC are encased above for your easy reference. Hoping to be your partner in your journey of building good homes for your loved ones and yourself!