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When it comes to building our own home, we desire to choose the best material. This ensures the safety and security of our loved ones for a longer time! This process of choosing the right materials might take a toll on us. We might waste a lot of time in analysing, comparing and searching the right product. But Weatherseal, UPVC windows and doors promise you to give you a one-stop solution when it comes to finding the right match for windows and doors for your home.

Once you have compared uPVC with aluminium and wood for the windows and doors, you might come across another close relative of uPVC i.e. PVC. Don’t worry we will tell you why you should opt for UPVC windows and doors than just PVC doors even though they are close relatives.

So the first difference you must have noticed is in the name. PVC stands for poly-vinyl chloride whereas uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. So basically, PVC is a kind of plastic used for construction purposes whereas uPVC is without any plasticizers. Though PVC is known for the acclaimed benefits of vinyl in it and a great product in terms of durability and affordability, still PVC is not a very favoured material these days.

As per the latest studies and researchers, PVC has lost its lustre in the construction industry. PVC is considered to be one of the most health-hazardous material across. PVC has several issues which include disposal, occupational exposures etc. Burning and exposure to PVC lead to the release of dangerous quantities of dioxin and several cancer-promoting factors. These might result in high health hazards inhuman. Apart from this, it is very difficult to install new locks and other kinds of customisation to these PVC doors as they tend to be very brittle and might crack or get damaged. Also in case of the already existing cracks, it becomes very difficult to repair them. The PVC doors and windows also are not too good with their performance when they are exposed to extreme sunlight for a longer period. These doors tend to fade away and become more brittle and damage easily. The PVC doors and windows are known for their light weights, but this feature affects the strength of the doors and windows highly. When it comes to building external doors for houses, PVC is not safe at all due to its lack of strength.

So you know the details about PVC, hence let us take you through the uPVC material benefits. Like PVC, UPVc is also known for its affordability and durability. uPVC is resistant to almost all extreme weathers and won’t collapse in these situations from your expectation! May it be extreme summers, coldest winters or windy storms and rain, UPVC stands against them strong and smart protecting your home. uPVC comes with multiple chambers and reinforcements which helps to trap heat inside and keeps your temperature sealed inside and outside respectively. No tension of air or water leakage with uPVC doors and windows. It additionally gives you maximum protection from external sound ensuring a smooth soundproof home for you.  In case of fire, your uPVC windows and doors won’t give up or support combustion! Instead, they have fire resistant properties which will support your safety. You might think uPVC gives so much but is it safe to the environment and to human health? We would proudly state that, yes it is! UPVC doors and windows are environment-friendly and don’t augment any health hazardous effects!

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