Different Types of uPVC windows for your home!

admin on July 28, 2018

Different Types of uPVC windows for your home: Choosing the right match for your beautiful home could be tough at times! Running after the interior designers and architects won’t be an easy job. Additionally, you will have to manage your home and work! But you do not need to break your head anymore when your friend Weatherseal is around! Weatherseal uPVC Bangalore brings you the details of the varieties of uPVC windows. Now read on to find the right match for your home!

Different Types of uPVC windows

  1. French Windows:-

    These uPVC windows are the regular ones but with a twist of French tradition! These uPVC windows give maximum opening and allow the breeze to enter your home. These windows are available in different colours as per the customer requirements. The variety of glass available for installation for these uPVC windows adds the extra charm. Now your home will shine with class in a French style!

  2. Casement UPVC windows:-

    These are the regular kind of uPVC windows! They open outwards and inwards with the help of firmly attached hinges to the frames. These uPVC windows are specially designed to catch and direct the external breeze inside the home. If you are looking for 100% soundproof windows, its should be your choice. The multi-locking features with laminated glasses make these windows extra safe! Make your home a bit more modern, contemporary and classy!

  3. Awning UPVC windows:-

    It might be difficult to find a right fit for your kitchen, bathrooms and storerooms! They seem to be the most ignored corner of your home. But no more with Weatherseal awning uPVC windows! These uPVC windows help the outside air to flow inside from these specially designed windows with hinges fixed at the bottom or on the top! Weatherseal is the proud distributor of these specialized UPVC awning windows across cities.

  4. Sliding UPVC windows:-

    These uPVC windows are the apt choice in case of space crunch! These windows give a look simulating the five-star hotels! They also have multi-tracks with multiple locks! The uPVC windows have specialized glasses which makes your window extra beautiful and stable!

  5. Fixed UPVC windows:-

    The nature lovers out there will be extremely happy to have these kinds of windows! The soft elegant look which mesmerizes you is from the ultra-slim slightness of these uPVC windows! The uPVC windows are known for their long-term durability, strength, heat insulation, thermal insulation and waterproofing!

  6. Tilt and Turn UPVC windows:-

    The UPVC windows with the tilt and turn hardware fittings are one of the special products from Weatherseal, Bangalore. These uPVC windows work like magic for French windows for balconies and verandas.

The list of the types of uPVC windows is explained in details here. Now you do not need to stress and break your head finding the correct product for your beautiful home. Just read through the above and get a ready-made guide for your reference!

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