How can a bifold doors save you from space crunch?

admin on August 14, 2018

Have you just moved your base from your hometown to your favourites city? Are you still looking for a large space for moving in? Then stop right away! Weatherseal understands that moving from a smaller town to a larger city is a major decision. Leaving behind your big inherited home and shifting to a smaller apartment in a city can be quite troublesome! But that doesn’t mean that you will shred your regrets over not finding an appropriate home which would simulate your old home! When Weatherseal is in town with their signature products at your disposal than why even to bother! For every household with a problem of space crunch, Weatherseal Bangalore has a solution with their special bifold doors!

In the metropolitan cities like Bangalore, old traditional homes with the age-old patterns are no longer preferred. The lack of space and overcrowding are the main reasons behind. But these factors don’t affect the daily lifestyle or sentiments of city people. This again is possible because the available options with the market leaders Weatherseal with multiple options for uPVC windows and doors available!

Bi-fold doors are the signature products of Weatherseal. These uPVC doors have been designed specially keeping in mind the modern day issues faced by people. Modern day homes cannot rely upon the normal building materials, they need a complete package which would secure their home from changing climates, increasing crime, increasing encroachment of lands and overcrowding and the appearance matching their social status as well! To ensure a high-quality Weatherseal uses premium profiles. Weatherseal is known for using high-quality profiles in the Indian market for some time, now.

The bifold doors are specially designed and are extremely strong and durable. These doors possess a unique fusion of welding in turn and sash! This, in turn, makes the bifold doors very strong. The profile wall thickness more than 2.5mm of these bifold doors augments their features to many folds in terms of shape, quality and geometry! The frames of these bifold doors contain 1-2 mm of g.i. reinforcements which in turn holds these bifold doors firmly to the wall. Now windy days and stormy nights won’t create any more rattling and vibrating noises with these unique bifold doors!

The bifold doors have many leaves of panels ranging from two to seven. The benefits of these multiple panes of the bifold doors are that they can be stacked upon each other in a corner of your house without occupying major space and hence open up massive area for other uses! The bifold doors are equipped with four wheels and two nylon guides to enable smooth and seamless movement of these doors and preventing any obstacle in the opening path of bifold doors! Another set of gears are present in the tracks in the bottom and top respectively to avoid jimmying of these bifold doors! The presence of ultra slim sight lines creates an illusion of an enlarged view of these bifold doors. Also, the stacking of the door leaves opens up a huge expansion which magically creates spaces in your mundane home for other uses you earlier only dreamt of!

These doors can also create an environment which would easily simulate class, comfort and style! Now indulge in the pleasure of being the centre of attention in the comfort of your home with Weatherseal uPVC windows and doors!

Hurry and make your home free from the grip of space crunch and bring home bifold doors!


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