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admin on November 16, 2020

uPVC window and door is that the fourth generation material, after wood, steel and aluminium. uPVC windows and doors are better for warmth insulation than wooden windows, specially immune to colour fading, attack of insects and fire. Weatherseal, upvc windows manufacturer Kochi. Our uPVC Windows are created considerately on evocativeness and functionality. Our customers get a far better quality of life due to the energy-saving and sound proofing by uPVC windows; while its user-friendly design presents the purchasers with an emotional satisfaction, which is that the heart of our uPVC Windows.

Weatherseal uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are manufactured with state of the art technology to satisfy the very best quality standards. So, you’re bound to get variety of unmatched benefits with them. for instance , our uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are termite proof, low maintenance, sound proof, and water and UV resistant. They also offer excellent thermal insulation, so you would like to use air conditioners and heaters less, allowing you to save lots of on energy bills. With this list of benefits , our uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are indeed the simplest option for your home and office.

uPVC window and door is that the forth generation after the wood, steel, aluminium materials. uPVC Kochi window and door is best for heating insulation than wood windows, special for water-resistance, resistance for insect, and flame ability.


Low maintenance – White or coloured upvc windows Kochi don’t need painting or sealing, significantly reducing maintenance over their life time. uPVC Kochi easily cleaned with water and detergent.

Tough and sturdy – uPVC may be a very durable material utilized in water and sewer pipes for a minimum of 100 years. Vinyl windows are so durable that the overwhelming majority of them installed over the past 25 years are still in use. Good quality uPVC windows and doors are tested for ultra violet resistance to make sure they won’t fade within the harsh sun.

Rot resistant – uPVC doesn’t rot, and is immune to corrosion.

High security – upvc windows Kochi incorporate multi locking systems providing a high level of security for homes or businesses. Opt for uPVC window locking systems lock at multiple points all round the sash/frame.

Thermal comfort – Unlike metals, uPVC Kochi is nonconductive, meaning its use in window frames doesn’t transfer heat and thus contributes to a more consistent internal temperature during a building. the mixture of uPVC Kochi frames and window makes for highly energy efficient windows.

Openable Tilt and switch – upvc windows manufacturer Kochi systems allow opening in two directions to reinforce the power of taking advantage of natural, cross ventilation.

Recyclable – uPVC are often recycled as often as 10 times. Where they need been commonly used for the past 30 years, like in Europe, uPVC windows and doors are often , and are, recycled at the top of life. The off-cuts from uPVC window fabrication are already being collected in some places for recycling.

Resistant to salt erosion – uPVC is immune to corrosion caused by salt-laden air making them ideal for coastal properties.

Bushfire performance – Double glazed uPVC windows are often utilized in areas where risk is zoned as Bushfire Attack.

Acoustic insulation – Double-glazed uPVC windows and doors are ready to hamper noise.

What is uPVC ?

UPVC stands for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride. This material may be a compound consisting of carbon, chlorine and hydrogen. UPVC is different from PVC, because it isn’t being treated with any additional chemicals which are called plastielzers. UPVC is a perfect material for producing windows and doors due to its several benefits offered by it. UPVC is extremely economical to install as compared to timber. The fabric is eco-friendly and leads to preventing deforestation by reducing the utilization of wood and timber for producing windows and doors. uPVC windows manufacturer Kochi has several advantages over wood and other materials. a number of these advantages are heat-resistance, noise-resistance, weather-resistance, cost-effectiveness, low-maintenance and its recyclability.

With the state of art automatic CNC Fabrication Machines, top quality hardware and skilled labour Weatherseal uPVC Doors and Windows doesn’t compromise with built Quality. Our factory is provided with state of the art machinery like CNC 2 Corner Parallel Welding and CNC Corner Cleaning Machines which makes our project best in finishing.