Classy by appearance, strong by nature: uPVC windows and doors!

admin on June 16, 2018

Who doesn’t want a beautiful and strong home! But compiling all goodness in a single pack becomes a tough task! With the available regular material for building windows and doors won’t give you everything at a go. Either you need to compromise on the quality part or on the appearance part. But this will not be true in case of uPVC windows and doors from Weatherseal, Bangalore.

The amazingly astonishing features of these windows will keep your senses of amazement just in the right mood! The profiles are specially designed which adds a dash of extra strength to the windows and doors. Our profiles are from the leaders in the fenestration market worldwide. Weatherseal Fenestration company provides world-class profiles.

The windows and doors made out of uPVC are known for their strength and durability. The soundproof windows and doors are tested under extreme conditions which guarantee the customers extreme strength. No threat of breakage or damage under pressure. These windows are safe in the places prone to heavy wind flow as well. Your home will be free of all rattling and hassling sounds with uPVC Bangalore. The multi chambers and GI reinforcements enable the trapping of the outside heat and prevent it from leaking inside. This feature makes your home much cooler during summers and also gives you a warmer effect in the winters.

The uPVC windows and doors come in various customizable options. As per your requirement of arch windows, casement windows, French windows, tilt and turn windows, sliding windows, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, French doors, and casement doors respectively can be fit to your home. Not only this, but you can also opt for glasses of your choice. Many options are available like tinted, double glazed, single glazed, laminated, reflective, frosted etc. The windows and doors with slim sightlines with a massive area of glass give a premium look with an illusion of bigger space.

The uPVC Bi-fold doors are the signature product of Weatherseal, Bangalore. These are the popular choice amongst the builders and architects across the city. The bi-fold doors have another unique feature. They possess several panels (3 to 7) which can fold and stack up in a corner enabling a major opening for use.

They are best suited in the living spaces with attached balconies or lawn. Having such a beautiful piece of architecture can cut down the availability of space in either of the side. But with bi-fold doors, no such compromises. No cutting of any space on any side. You get enough of both sides! The added advantage would be the opportunity to have an engaging view from the inside out.

The uPVC manufacturer in Bangalore have another few features which are strikingly unique. With available special gasket technology available, your home is dust free.

No dust buildup or any chances of dust sneaking inside through the windows and doors. Apart from this, the uniqueness includes the fire resistant feature. Yes, you heard it right! These uPVC materials are known to be self-combustible and hence don’t support fire in case of any unfortunate events.

After reading the features in details of uPVC windows and doors you might be sure by now that these windows and doors from Weatherseal are classy by appearance and strong by nature.

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