Weatherseal UPVC WINDOWS a Thermal Superhero!

admin on January 17, 2018

Windows and Thermal Insulation:

Windows and Thermal Insulation: Homes are among the most essential needs for humans since the time of civilization. The comfort of a home is something that everyone of us yearn and relish. No matter what the dimensions of a home, Windows are the most important constituent of the home comfort. It is very crucial to design windows in the most appropriate manner.

Suiting the design and size of the home. Over the years Windows made out of wood have been the common way or trend to window making. As the demands have increased the need for wooden windows, it has further pushed our forests to destroy.

uPVC Windows have been a major breakthrough in safeguarding our green cover for the future generations and also reduced the cost of making. uPVC Windows are made of Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC ), a specially formulated PVC which is resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun. This material is long lasting and maintenance free. Relying on this advantage 50% of windows and doors in Europe are made from uPVC .

It is a known fact that windows and Doors are the major factors for the thermal insulation for home or offices. Especially the uPVC material made windows hold an upper edge with their heat transition Co-Efficient (the so called U-Value) which is proven to be appropriate for homes and offices.

With Proper Designing and execution we can tap the thermal insulation capabilities of uPVC windows. Weatherseal provides a window solution in uPVC that is coupled with special insulating glasses and high-quality profiles which provides optimum results through sophisticated multi-chambered technology.

At Weatherseal we sell efficient quality of Windows and doors for all kinds of Office and Residential needs. Our Engineers and installation staff are well educated and experienced in providing uPVC solutions for every design requirement.

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