Be Excited! You are in the uPVC generation!

admin on June 27, 2018

Be Excited! You are in the uPVC generation!

Life is never constant. With every passing day life changes and so does the generation! With every new generation comes new innovations. Since the olden days, windows and doors have seen many revolutions, but neither of them has proved themselves an outstanding product and has ruled the market as true leaders yet! Does this mean that you should be disappointed? Absolutely no! Be excited! Because you are in the generation of uPVC!

Materials like wood, iron, aluminium, steel have been in use for building windows and doors for long. They all served the purpose very well, but they lacked one or the other feature. Hence, they never were able to resolve all problems at a time and their dream became a distant one to become the market leaders!

The predecessor of uPVC, the PVC had for some time captured the limelight but soon faded away! PVC was more of plastic material and emitted harmful substances which were not environmentally friendly nor was it human-friendly! That’s when the next generation of PVC was invented, the unplasticised polyvinyl chloride!

uPVC Bangalore is known for being eco-friendly. It does not contain any lead which causes huge health hazards to human and other living beings! Unlike PVC, this new material does not release any harmful chemicals or carcinogenic materials when it is burnt or disposed of making it a very safe material. With this new product, all enemies of your home get banished forever.

Not sure what does that mean? Well, imagine the harsh summers heating up your home, the cold winters showering cold blows whereas the monstrous monsoons engulfing your home and leaking inside! Won’t that be termed as the everlasting enemies of your home! 

 When Weatherseal is in town, then all your worries can go back into the box! With uPVC windows and doors, you home get a 360-degree protection. You do not need to worry about too much heating up of your home and colour fading due to extreme exposure to sun, neither do you need to worry about any water leakage from the windows and doors inside your home! You can also brush aside your thoughts about overspending on electricity usage or any kind of build up on the windows and doors! Maintenance of such doors and windows also won’t dig a hole into your pocket.

Additionally, you can get rid of unwanted noises from outer environment and a feel-good factor! Oh! Did we forget to assure you about the security and safety part! Well, uPVC windows and uPVC doors come with single and multiple locks as per your convenience! Also, you can customise your window and door with the laminated type of glasses which can add more value! You would be glad to know that these materials i.e uPVC is known for its self-combustible properties, therefore in case of any fire breakouts, your windows and doors won’t aggravate the fire rather would contribute in its demise!

You might wonder what are the profiles strong enough as promised! To amaze your curious soul we would like to inform you that profiles used at Weatherseal are from European technologies and unique German types of machinery and has been known to be the market leaders for ages!

After investing so much information about the next-gen material uPVC aren’t you excited? Yes! Then rush! Book your uPVC now!

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