Folding uPVC Doors Chennai

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Folding uPVC Doors Chennai

Folding uPVC Doors Chennai: Space-saving folding doors find their perfect field of application in storage solutions, in hallways, kitchen niches, utility rooms, and far more. We supply folding doors made to live and according to your wishes.
We see the accordion door compared to the normal doors always well used where there are niches or space is generally scarce. The benefits of the made-to-measure folding door can be essential in the list of these key points.

  • effective use of space
  • various design possibilities
  • perfectly suitable as an all-rounder for niches

1- Effective use of space

The accordion door is the all-rounder when it comes to effective use of space in small areas: it keeps its space requirement extremely low and thus creates optimum access to the niche it closes. This is often made possible by the trick of the bend, which halves the width of the accordion door when it opens. Folding doors always contain two door leaves. These are connected by the hinge joint. The massive opening angle ensures that the door itself is flush with the adjacent wall, completely freeing up the space for storage behind it.

2- Wide range of design options

For your design, you’ll choose from a variety of door panels in glass, wood, metal, lacquer, and 3D surface. Folding doors are often in combination with infill-dividing and mounting on tracks. You’ll find out more about the filling options and materials here.

3- All-rounder for niches

Popular applications for the accordion door are rooms where space is limited. Rooms where the doors, when open, must neither cover the space for storing nor protrude too far into the room. Practical, everyday opening and shutting is the essence of a good folding door. The accordion door is a real all-rounder!
Thinking about how secure the external bifold doors are? This is, however, untrue. If you purchase from a reputable company, install them properly and take the proper precautions, bifold doors are often an incredibly secure option for your home.
Bifold doors became incredibly popular of late as doors leading from your kitchen and/or living room into the garden. This is often because they are aesthetically pleasing, bring an excellent deal of natural light and warmth into any room, and are energy-efficient and space-saving.
However, many of us also assume that they are magnets for thieves, which isn’t true at all. Indeed, thieves occasionally target conservatories because they are often less secure or more poorly constructed than the rest of the house, but bi-fold door security generally makes them much harder to break into than typical patio doors, french doors, or sliding doors.

Many bi-fold doors will include a multi-point locking system.

Let’s examine materials and protection
Popularly used bifold door materials are wood, aluminum, and UPVC with DGU. UPVC may be a lot cheaper and requires less maintenance, often more durable and long-lasting.
Timber and oak frames are quite popular because they appear more ‘substantial’ and, whilst they require a touch more care and attention, hardwood may be a proven material when it comes to keeping the elements at bay. you would possibly even opt for engineered wood, which is because the name suggests, a wood developed specifically for durability.
If your house is located in an area that’s often subject to more harsh weather conditions, you would possibly want to consider going with uPVC frames. It would have the same ‘organic’ look as wood, but it is often more defensive against harsh elements. You’ll also have internal bifold doors within your home if you are looking to have the option to join two rooms.

Internal bifold doors

Bifold door security and anti-theft measures

Most external bifold doors include a multi-point locking system as standard, which suggests it is, by definition, safer than a standard door, other efforts can be checked too.
Bifold doors also include double glazing and toughened safety glass so that any would-be intruders would they must physically lift the doors off their tracks to enter and exit. This makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to interrupt your home through a bifold door. Bifold doors are very secure but if you would like to take extra precautions here are a few more options.

Bifold door alarms

Indeed, alarm systems are often unruly, but they will be a necessary security measure if you really want to keep your home secure. You’ll also now purchase alarms that can be synced up with your computer, smartphone or tablet, so you’ll always be able to keep an eye on your home, even when you’re not home yourself.
If you don’t want to travel at the expense of installing an alarm system, some homeowners install fake alarms, which will dissuade thieves.

Safety screens for folding doors

If you don’t want to travel all-out with a home security system, however, you’ll instead opt to install an extra security screen. It’d not look that beautiful and elegant, but they’re a great way to maintain a certain level of security in the summer months when you’d like to leave the doors open or for ventilation.

Bifold door locks

Whilst the multi-point locking system in your external bifold doors should be sufficient for many homes, if you’re particularly wary about security then you might want to install an additional lock. the subsequent types of locks are just a selection of the locks you could consider to either act alongside your multipoint locking system or on top of it.
Of course, the doors themselves have to be secure, but they also have to be easily opened by you and your family, so you’ll definitely want to consider extra security with a suited lock.

Twinpoint lock

This lock includes a handle that operates from the highest and bottom of the lead door and can secure it in one movement. this is often maybe the most attractive lock too, because it will come with the widest selection of styles and finishes.

Drop Bolt/Deadbolt lock

These are generally secured by a key or twisting locking mechanism, except for added security, you’ll obviously need a key. They will be installed pretty easily, and are notoriously super secure.

Childproof locks

Moving past potential break-ins for a second, one more reason you might want to keep your external folding doors are safe if you have young children, especially if they are big explorers. These locks are designed to be easy for adults to unlock but difficult for youngsters and can vary from simple hinged locks to more substantial locks that slide over the top of your bifold doors.

Key locks

Keyed locks and even padlocks are an honest idea to create maximum security in the home, especially if your bifold doors are conservatory doors or patio doors, it gives direct access into home.
Hopefully, this has reassured you about the security of external bifold doors.

How to lock bifold doors

Locking the bifold door itself is straightforward. The primary step is to engage the locking points by making sure the handle is lifted. Next, simply turn the key or thumb turn and therefore the different points of the multipoint locking system will move into place. While the door is aligned properly, this may provide a secure closure that’s extremely difficult to open without a key.
Bifold doors are perhaps one among the safest ways of keeping the rear of your home secure, and as another bonus, they appear great and could have some significant value to your home, especially if it’s an older home that needs some modernization.
If you’ve got extra concerns regarding security, remember you’ll also consider installing a home security system. Though, in our experience, unless you reside in an area with a particularly high crime rate, these can prove more of a hindrance than anything .
Whatever you opt for, we ensure you that bifold doors offer you the home security you are looking for.

Why is upvc bifold door quality so important?

Bi-fold doors are there in place of a large section of wall in your home. Consequences of making it in poor quality:

Makes way for draughts and rainwater. Watertight or airtight factors not met.

Increase your energy bills (less energy efficient)

  • Can damage in short time frame, as a result
  • Risking safety of your home
  • Negatively affect your home’s aesthetics

High-quality Vs low-quality bi-fold doors

The main differences are as follows:

  • High quality bifold doors will exceed basic manufacturing standards. Low-quality doors will not match up.
    With high-quality doors, every component (including handles and hinges) combines to form a set of doors that performs far better, for much longer.
  • Low-quality or medium-quality doors tend to be harder to operate due to their poorer‑quality components and substandard specification.
  • High-quality doors usually include a longer manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • High Quality Security

To keep your home secure, we recommend that you simply only use products tested, whether or not you’re only replacing existing doors. Also search for features such as:

  • Multipoint locking systems—3-point or 5-point are standard
  • Secure hinges
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Toughened laminated glass

How Bifold doors compare to other types

Bifold Doors are Aesthetic, modern and stylish. French Doors are classic and complicated. Sliding doors are practical but not as attractive.

In a nutshell:
Bifold doors are a safer and attractive alternative to French or sliding doors. They’re tough, elegant and are undeniably a more modern solution which will raise the value of your property. We’ve a wide range of external bifold doors. They’re an incredible addition to any home, so why not contact us today.
Bi-fold doors are the best when it comes to adding value to a home by providing aesthetic and practical benefits. We actually love bi-fold doors because they add a touch of style and luxury without compromising convenience and functionality.
Before we glance at the benefits of bi-fold doors, allow us to discuss a little bit about them.


An interior door is a type of folding or sliding door, made up of a series of panels. It had been previously termed a ‘concertina’ door after getting inspiration from the musical instrument of the same name. But the name implies, an interior door can fold in and out of space.
They can be installed, both at external and internal locations. Be it a laundry room, pantry, wardrobe or maybe a commercial building; you can install the door anywhere.

HOW DOES an interior door WORK?

These doors work on a concertina principle, which suggests they fold back into a compact storage area. Both interior and exterior bi-fold doors operate a built-in tracking system. The door slides over the outer track frame.
The panels of those doors are hinged together, making it easier to slip on runners in the floor. Because of the numerous benefits of bi-fold doors, application in both commercial and domestic space.


Here are some factors to consider that will help you in identifying high-quality bi-fold doors:

  • High-quality bi-fold doors are made up of sustainable material, which provides a smooth finish.
  • There has got to be a fine finish that makes the doors hard-wearing
  • The doors have the power to withstand harsh weather and meet current industry standards
  • There should be thin sightlines while being strong and secure
  • The handles should be ergonomic and available in several styles
  • There has got to be a guarantee of at least 10-year for the entire door system


Bi-fold doors are most ordinarily used as interior and closet doors. The door slides open with folds and stacking. It stacks back its panels and goes partially or fully against the wall. Although they are called bi-fold, these doors have quite two panels.
Bi-fold doors were traditionally connect the rooms of the place to a common outdoor area, which might be the garden or the main entrance. These doors can be in the same room as space dividers or can be used between two rooms.
Bi-fold doors can be installed in a small home as well, because they take very less space. As they fold back rather than opening into a room, they’re true space-savers. that’s why we often recommend it to people living in apartments and flats. Bi-fold doors are mostly made using these materials- wood, glass, aluminum and vinyl. These doors goes back as Romans used bi-fold doors.


  • Unlike other doors like French doors or patio doors, bi-fold doors are much slimmer
  • Due to their width, they provide maximum space and visibility of the room. An out of size room can convert to two medium-size rooms by simply using a bi-fold door. The space is further attractive instead of the conventional door
  • Given the very fact that bi-fold doors slide back completely into the wall, they’re best for compact areas
    Bi-fold doors allow an honest amount of flow of natural light and air into space. uPVC bi-fold doors work best
    You can have a summer season with cheaper bills. By using bi-fold doors, the natural light and air flow increases which successively reduces the use of electricity
  • The best thing about it is that its maintenance is optimal. The sole care it requires is regular cleaning to prevent dust from gathering up. These doors don’t need to be regularly maintenance due to corrosion
  • Bi-fold doors have an honest safety measure, their locking system. It secures the place from any break-in or theft. The sliding track of the door has many points which will be locked. Functionality and security are to the point. These doors are eco-friendly as well.
  • With a good variety of bi-fold doors, you’ve got a large range of colors to choose from
  • These doors does supply value to a property
  • Lastly, you’ll enjoy the view of the garden by installing a glass bi-fold door. this provides you the ease and satisfaction of viewing the outdoors from the comfort of being inside


We recommend hiring an expert for the work due to the complex requirements of installing interior bi-fold doors. Weatherseal provides for professional installation in our end-to-end design process.

Are Bi-Fold Doors Secure?

People installing external or internal bi-fold doors often have a question about how secure these doors can be, and we always tell them that bi-fold doors can be very secure. These doors include a multi-point locking system and even a hidden, inline tracking system, making them safe intentionally. Therefore, you do not need to panic.
The Bottom Line
Bi-fold doors are one among the most sought-after doors in the commercial and domestic market. They provide a spectacular view of the outside world and create a perfect illusion of the ingress of natural light and extra space. If you’ve never used bi-fold doors before, it’s never too late. You ought to definitely try using bi-fold doors; it will be worth your investment.

5 great reasons to think about bi-folding doors

The folding door installation gives complete operability. This leads to easy, practical access to an external view and more natural light.

Due to their practicality and ability to link exteriors with interiors, bi-folding doors are getting increasingly popular. they’re ideal for homes with gardens or patios and commercial spaces, especially restaurants and cafes. Here we glance at five reasons to consider bi-folding doors in your home or commercial space.

1. Seamless Integration

Bi-folding doors can truly change an area. Continuous glass helps integrate the outside with the interior; it will give you a sense of open space. Moreover, by simply pushing the door panels to at least one side, you’ll have quick and easy access to the exterior and enjoy uninterrupted, seamless views.

2. More Natural Light

Whether closed or open, bi-folding doors are an excellent way to get more natural light into your home or commercial space. Natural light helps turn small dark areas into spacious, comfortable, and alluring spaces, where you’ll want to spend more time. More natural light results in less artificial lighting in the day time.

3. Contemporary and modern

Bi-folding doors are often a stunning feature, adding the “wow-factor” to space. Their simplicity, sleek look and skill to change from a glass wall to discreetly tuck away creating a seamless open space can give any home or commercial space a modern contemporary look. There are many colors, styles, and styles available. Whether you’re looking for something to blend in or stand out visually, you’ll be confident you will find bi-folding doors that will suit your space and taste.

4. Easy to take care of

Aluminum and UPVC bi-folding doors are easy to wash and maintain. All that’s to do is clean with a detergent as you would any other exterior windows or glass doors and occasionally lubricate locks, hinges, and therefore the runner to ensure the doors slide smoothly and with ease.

5. Space Saver

Bi-folding doors are real space savers. Unlike sliding doors, when open they’re compact and take up very little space, as they concertina to at least one side of your opening. You literally can stack a whole wall discreetly to one side allowing people to move freely from one space to another. Counting on your area, bi-folding doors are in stacks either inside or outside, adding to their practicality.
Bi-folding doors integrate the inside with the exterior, offer more light and space, look contemporary, are easy to take care of, and are real space savers. If you’d like to know more about bi-folding door installation or would like to discuss your project, please contact us today.

Note: This is general information and guidance only. No intentions to form any part of a contract and as laid down in the Terms of Use is subject to change without notice.

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