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admin on June 29, 2018

uPVC windows and Bi-fold doors

Living in a city has many advantages that we usually bank upon. But there are also some disadvantages though few but very gruesome and important! One such factor is the unavailability of enough spaces good enough to build a home with enough expansions and choice of pattern. Nothing much can be done in terms of cleaning up spaces or lands for building homes without the permission of the governing authorities, but something which can be done is to manage space within your already existing home! How? Read on to know more about uPVC windows and Bi-fold doors.

Weatherseal amidst its various uPVC products had launched their signature product, the bi-fold doors! These doors are uniquely made and optimised to fit in wherever the question of space crisis arises. These doors made from the premium profiles are extremely strong and well built. The combination of these excellent profiles with mind-blowing designs and features from Weathrseal make these doors a huge hit among the architects and the builders.

These Bi-fold doors have several panels or leaves which can range from 2 to 7. The amusing part is that you do not need to block a large space for opening this door. Rather you can stack up all the leaves in a corner, in turn, making a large room for balcony, lawn or other spaces! The bi-fold doors create an illusion of massive space while connecting the outer open area or balconies with the living spaces.

If you own a small lawn just by the side of your home, but it becomes difficult for you to manage space due to the opening of the regular doors inwards or outwards, that is when bi-fold comes to your rescue. In the event of any house parties, it doesn’t matter if your home doesn’t have enough place to accommodate every guest! With these doors, you can open up a huge space and convert your house party into a lawn cum house party! With these special doors, your issue of enough space is solved and also your party becomes the most happening and classy!

These doors along with solving the space issue also bring in several other benefits! Bifold doors protect your home from any unwanted noises with their double glazed glasses. Also no matter what the climatic conditions are uPVC windows and doors is capable enough to shield yours from all those!

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