Space Crunch? Think Bi-fold doors!

admin on July 11, 2018

Houses these days are seldom perfect! Sometimes you do not get the look; sometimes you miss out on space! With Weatherseal uPVC Bangalore, you get everything! You don’t need to worry anymore about the appearance or the space crunch in your home with bi-fold doors!

Weatherseal partnered with Asian Paints, provides the best of the profiles available in the market. These profiles are strong and of very high quality. They are in real terms the champions in the fenestration industry.

Well, by now you might be wondering that how can your space crunch be solved by a door! Keep your calm! We will answer your quest here. Weatherseal brings you their signature product bi-fold doors. These doors are famous for their special ability to squeeze in space amidst the areas with issues of space crunch! The bi-fold doors usually possess 2 to 7 leaves or panels which can be stacked at a corner opening up a huge space which you can utilize for other purposes. The thickness of the profile wall is greater than 2.5 mm which enhances the strength of these bi-fold doors. The profiles are inbuilt with 1.5 to 2 mm G.I. reinforcements which make these doors extra strong. The vibrating noises, the rattling of the doors due to the heavy wind outside will no longer pose a threat to your sound sleep in the stormy nights!

These uPVC doors are equipped with four wheels and two guides made of nylon. These two features support the smooth movement of the doors and also prevent any obstruction while opening up the panels of the doors! A special design is incorporated in the bi-fold doors which prevents jimmying of the doors. This included gears running in the top and bottom of the bifold doors in the tracks which are skillfully concealed! The bi-fold doors are designed with ultra slim sightlines which enable expanded massive visuals from the interiors. This, in turn, creates a skilful illusion of extended places, therefore making the area look much larger than the actual size! The customization option is available when it comes to the glasses. Frosted glass, tinted glass, reflective glasses are the ones which will serve your sense of privacy! In case you long for merging your soul with that of nature then, single glazed glasses would be your option. But again if you are keener on protecting your serenity and calmness from the outer noisy world, then double glazed glasses are apt, as they can provide you with acoustic insulation up to 80-95%!

Bi-fold doors are also known for wrapping your home with a shield of ultimate protection from bad weather, fire, dust etc. But along with all these, these doors are also known to enhance the beauty of your home. The bifold doors bring an extra charm and touch of class to the living spaces.

Hereafter, whenever you sense space crunch, think of bifold doors!

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