The relentless pursuit of quality class with uPVC

admin on June 28, 2018

The relentless pursuit of quality class with uPVC

In today’s fast pacing world, very few products come with actual quality in real terms. To identify a quality product, it may cost you your peace and patience! But even after such a heavy price, you might end up experiencing an illusion of quality, but not true quality. This is true in case of choosing apt materials for the windows and doors of your home! But when Weatherseal is proactively having your back, why to worry!

You can do your part of market research about the best quality materials for windows and doors available, but we are sure you would still fix your gaze at uPVC from Weatherseal. 

A perfect, world-class material for windows and doors would guarantee protection from water leakage, dust and another material build-up, bad hygiene, air and sound leakage. Rest will give you some features but not complete protection; whereas many disadvantages would follow! If not disadvantages, then surely the high maintenance cost will haunt you for life! You might assume that perfect material is not a reality! But it is! You will soon accept the fact when you try uPVC for your home!

This material was invented after the massive failure of much-hyped material PVC! PVC was a plasticised version with plenty of harmful effects to health and environment. The unplasticised version though took the society for a toss! This version is such a huge hit that most of the builders, construction engineers, architects and self-made homeowners are fascinated with this material.

The most common mishaps in Indian households are that from fire breakouts. Every material apart from uPVC does not work well in these cases. The wood and aluminum contribute in the fire and can increase the breakout to several folds. But this material from Weatherseal has self-combustion properties, hence resists fire breakouts.

In case of materials like aluminum, due to exposure to the external air, a powdery substance known as aluminum oxide is formed and deposited on the surface. Due to this, the shiny texture of the metal vanishes and is replaced by the dull lusterless powdery deposit of aluminum oxide.

Also as metals are a good conductor of thermal energy, hence super humid summers could make you more sweaty with aluminum windows and doors. But with this new material from Weatherseal, no such issues will be experienced.

A special test report available only with Weatherseal which shows the minimum detrimental effect on the windows and doors made from this material even after exposure under 6000 hours to extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, being a bad conductor of heat and having multi chambers in the profiles which trap the heat in them assures pleasant, cool summers!

The relentless pursuit of quality and class ends at Weatherseal.

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