The thrill of owning uPVC doors

admin on June 26, 2018

The thrill of owning uPVC doors

The thrill of owning uPVC doors: No other place is better than a safe secure home. The thrill of owning a home increases to many folds when you know that you have a strong support system like uPVC doors from Weatherseal. You can rely upon these doors and blindly trust your safety, security and societal status with them. Weatherseal has made its mark in the fenestration market through out India. The profiles used here are very premium and is known for the longevity and strength.

The uPVC Bangalore come in different varieties to suit your purpose exactly. The different types of these doors are Casement doors, Bi-fold doors, French doors, and Sliding doors respectively. Each of the types has their unique features and adds special charm to your home. Let’s have a briefing about each of the doors as follows:-

  1. Casement doors – These are the doors which spread their charisma in the old charming ways! They are the doors that can open inwards and outwards with the help of the hinges that are fixed firmly on the profiles. They are the apt choice in case of ensuring proper ventilation for home. The doors are designed as such that they are capable of capturing the breeze from outside and directing them inwards inside the home. They are available in the single and multiple lock options to add extra safety to your home.
  2. French doors – These doors are quite similar to the casement doors. These doors enable unrestricted opening at the entrance and add more value to your home. These doors allow maximum ventilation and natural light to flood into your home creating a magical aura around your home.
  3. Sliding doors- These doors are the ones without any maintenance cost! Apart from that they also open up spaces up to 6mm, making more space to inside. The sliding doors come with single and multiple locks with a different variety of glasses available increasing the safety aspect of your home. They also come with ultra slim sightlines which adds a touch of a premium look to your home.
  4. Bi-fold doors – These doors are known to be the signature product of Weatherseal. They are ideal for the living places where space crunch is a major issue. Our folding doors come in 2 to 7 folds and can be stacked in a corner, in turn expanding a huge space connecting the living space and the garden or the lawn area. The variety of colours available for customization makes it more unique and desirable.

When you have much better options available to customise your home and secure it as well, then why not opt for these uPVC doors from Weatherseal. The uPVC serve you in a full proof plan. Along with the different varieties, these doors give long-term strength, durability with sound protections as well. The tension of dust accumulation and water leaking also is reduced to nil by these doors!

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