Tired of the weeping wooden windows and doors? Choose uPVC!

admin on August 6, 2018

Have monsoons become a dreadful time for you? Every year do you spend most of your savings on restoring your wooden windows and doors? Stop right away! When you have uPVC from Weatherseal why do you want to spend your time, money and energy on something that is not worth your patience! We assure you replacing your regular wooden windows and doors with uPVC won’t cost you much and will retain your money and smile for a longer period!

Weatherseal is the proud manufacturer of the windows and doors made from a unique, classy and revolutionary material known as uPVC! uPVC stands for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride. uPVC is the latest generation of PVC excluding the harmful plasticizers! Weatherseal is associated with a premium uPVC windows and doors profiles. These rules the world market for its strongly made, high-quality frames and profiles.

The windows and doors made from uPVC are indeed of the best quality and strength. These uPVC Windows are prone and resistant to almost all the disturbing ailments and external interference. These materials are resistant to UV rays. They are also experts in trapping the heat within themselves and sealing it completely without any miniature leakage. These materials make your windows and doors thermal proof during the summers. This means your summers will be chilled and pleasant with the windows and doors made from weatherseal. Not only this, during the winters, these materials known as uPVC doesn’t allow the inside heat of your room to sneak outside or the outside chilled air to sneak inside! Hence in winters, your home remains warm and cosy! These windows and doors made from weatherseal are also known for their energy efficiency. Due to the airtight features and heat-trapping features, the windows and doors made from uPVC help in reduction of the power bills! Therefore no more pocket burning electricity bills! Also, you will be glad to know that, the manufacturing and formulation of these materials don’t affect the environment. No harmful chemical or gas emission takes place during the manufacturing process. During the disposal also the chain remains the same! Additionally, the uPVC manufacturing supports saving more trees and prevents cutting down of forests! Thus, with weatherseal you are happy, your home is happy and the nature is also happy! Isn’t that amazing?

The windows and doors made from weatherseal specialize in another matter and that is waterproofing. These materials are water resistant and do not develop any deposits, or rot, or rust on them post-exposure to moisture. These materials do not distort as well. So they are widely preferred in the wetlands, coastal areas and swimming pools! The windows and doors made from uPVC also do not fade when exposed under extreme conditions.

Another remarkable characteristic of these material is the acoustic insulation. They give almost 60 to 70% of acoustic insulation with the normal glasses. To increase the acoustic insulation power, double glazed glasses can be used which is known to reduce noise by up to 95%!

These uPVC windows and doors are the revolutionary products which have brought the fenestration industry a new wave of energy!

Be a part of this movement and bring home Weatherseal uPVC Davanagere!

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