uPVC Doors Hyderabad, lets explore!

admin on September 17, 2022

uPVC – Unplasticized PVC is a tough durable polymer with sufficient strength and weather resistance to be used for external building work as a low-maintenance material. Most applications of uPVC Doors Hyderabad are in the manufacturing of windows and doors.

 uPVC profile Hyderabad consists of:

  • Modern frame design with eco-friendly uPVC multi-chambered profile for better thermal performance
  • A Double-glazing unit ensures the heat stays inside your home and the noise stays out. Hermetically sealed 20mm argon gas-filled space to extend efficiency
  • Galvanized steel reinforcements to feature extra durability and strength and High security multi-point locking hardware
  • Solid structural connections to indoor and outdoor window sills, and edges
  • A seal of high-quality rubber provides exceptional air tightness and weatherproofing. This enhances impact resistance and long-life performance.

Doors have an immediate impact on your home, from maintaining the desired temperature in your house to enhancing the value of your home. Timber frames require ongoing expensive maintenance, and aluminum frames are excellent conductors of warmth and cold with poor insulation. The uPVC doors provide excellent noise insulation, require less maintenance, are designed for durability, and add value to your home.

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) are manufactured with glass in a range of thicknesses from 4mm to 10mm. Laminated or tempered glass is additionally available on request. One set standard unit is often a 4mm float glass / 20 mm gap / 4 mm float glass combination. Special applications like acoustic insulation or security may be discussed with our sales representative. Similarly for uPVC profile, locks, insect screens, handles, and other hardware and colors available please consult with our sales representative.

Should you require something out of our standard windows and doors range in a special size and color, it’s not a problem. Please email us your house plan or windows and doors schedule and we will work with you to ensure the lead time is suitable for you.

Hardware is one of the most important features of uPVC windows and doors. the planning and function of handles provide a tactile experience that can considerably enhance the appearance and usability of your uPVC windows and doors. At Weatherseal uPVC Windows and doors by Asian Paints, we provide only the top range of hardware. 

uPVC doors Hyderabad- Sliding Systems

 The sliding uPVC door exposes your home within seconds and gives you an uninterrupted and stylishly framed view of whatever lies outside, whether that be the garden or sunny beach beyond. 

 The sliding uPVC doors are often configured with either two, three or four sashes that horizontally slide on tracks, to the left or right. Sliding uPVC doors are often elegantly combined with other window products and may be custom-designed to fit any style or structural requirement. As a result, our standard sliding doors are very durable and are widely utilized in commercial and residential applications.

 Weatherseal uPVC Windows and doors by Asian Paints offer sliding uPVC doors with numerous combination options. Each of our sliding uPVC doors is tailor-made and designed to be a chic eye-catching introduction to your your home while providing that other important element: keeping your home safe at all times. That’s why Weatherseal uPVC Windows and doors by Asian Paints apply only the strongest materials with security measures that come with a standard warranty period.

uPVC doors Hyderabad- French Systems 

With beautiful French uPVC doors from Weatherseal uPVC Windows and doors by Asian Paints you’re sure to get maximum sunlight and ventilation into your home.

These wonderful doors are perfect for any situation. Our full glass paneled French uPVC doors are suited to lounge rooms, living rooms and patios, they’re going to add light to your home and combine indoor and outdoor living.  

French uPVC doors are an excellent solution to any home, adding beauty and space, also as safety, security and insulation. As security comes within the form of a multi-point locking system and fully reinforced frame with galvanized steel.

French uPVC doors will provide an unrivaled level of thermal performance keeping you warm in winter, and their stunning appearance will have guests talking about them for years to come!  

uPVC doors Hyderabad- Bi-fold Systems 

Bi-folding uPVC doors can create an entire new ambience for your home. More and more people are choosing these doors over standard doors and adding that phenomenal area to their homes. 

They can match the existing style of your home or link rooms together: joining inside living with outside space, bringing inside and out of doors into the one peaceful environment.  

Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, bi-fold uPVC doors are the perfect replacement for existing patio or French doors to bring the garden into the conservatory with natural light and fresh air.  

Bi-fold uPVC doors contain two or more amazingly flexible panels; they can be fully opened, partially opened or completely closed, counting on the amount of space required.  Once fully opened, doors stack neatly to at least one side creating valuable additional space and open plan living. Bi-fold uPVC doors will create a smooth transition from front room to terrace, balcony or garden, as needed . Bi-fold uPVC doors are perfect for people that enjoy the outdoors and desire to incorporate this passion into their everyday inside living, without losing the enjoyment of their home. 

Weatherseal uPVC Windows and doors by Asian Paints offers a wide selection of products to meet your special needs. 

What can uPVC doors do for you?

  • Fire Safety
  • Thermal Properties
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Environmental Factor
  • Longevity
  • Strength and Rigidity
  • Condensation
  • Impact and weather resistance
  • Noise reduction
  • Value adding
  • Security
  • Stylish attractiveness

The uPVC Doors Hyderabad are fully tested to satisfy Highest of Standards. The test results and certificates ensure maximum ratings standards. This further guarantees air tightness, water tightness, and wind load resistance. Seek out more, visit our showroom, or book a free in-home consultation.

uPVC Windows and Doors Market Rise in India

India’s door manufacturing industry is slowly maturing, with a changing and more experimental generation of end users trying to find revolutionary and non-traditional materials, new colors and styles as well as energy-saving items in the home and office. For them, doors and windows should improve the aesthetics of their building, while also catching light and air, and eliminating unwanted sounds. uPVC products have begun to enter the window market in India as they will compete with metal products in terms of cost while offering higher energy efficiency.

Quality conscious customers prefer an honest brand of windows and doors that will last at least a decade and a half and so the use of good quality windows and doors is on the rise. The uPVC products are easy to take care of and their thermal performance is superior to that of wood and aluminum.

Traditional wood or timber is rapidly being replaced by fabricated products and thermoplastics like PVC while uPVC is rapidly growing in the Indian market. Realizing that these materials can help reduce air con costs by 30%, architects and interior designers are recommending these materials, leading to slow market expansion. but remarkable. Wood grain PVC windows appear as if wood but are less expensive without the disadvantages of wood like termites, warping and fading plus very low maintenance.

Modern uPVC windows significantly reduce energy costs by up to 70%. They keep the homes secluded, secure and crammed with natural light. The uPVC window can bring greater benefits in India. In winter, uPVC windows and doors protect against the cold and reduce heating costs. During the Indian summer , uPVC gives us another big advantage. It helps reduce your air con costs by isolating your home from the hot outside air. It saves us money and helps the environment. The uPVC doors economize , reduce greenhouse gases and make a pleasant environment.

We supply and install top quality European double glazed uPVC windows and doors in India. Our products offer the widest range of colors available in Hyderabad.

The products offer many environmental and economic benefits that make them highly sought-after for homes in India:

  • Fireproof and weatherproof

uPVC double glazed with resistance wind and heavy rain. Our doors and windows can withstand strong winds (equivalent to fourfold atmospheric pressure).

  • They’re fire resistant
  • Strong Insulation

The uPVC door and window provides much better insulation than other products. Even leading to less air condition costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

  • Fits Any Space

Our products are versatile and may be designed to fit different spaces, from small to large, and with different open preferences.

  • Durability

Our products are designed for durability. As a material uPVC is lead-free and designed to be termite resistant.

Our staff is out there to discuss your needs. So do not wait. Contact us now for information or assistance together with your needs.

Following the newest trends, sliding doors and windows became the first choice for most constructions. These systems improve the looks of interiors and facades. The horizontal sliding feature offers an excellent optimization of space as well as style. These benefits of sliding systems have made them a well-liked choice for decades, whether or not they got off to a rough start. Over time, these window and door systems have benefited from a number of improvements.

Need Sliding System- Windows and Doors Hyderabad

Weatherseal Fenestration Sliding System of u-pvc doors and windows during a beautiful house

Sliding system makes the house more luxurious!

The style of architecture of the modern building is based on the use of space. Unfortunately, subway culture doesn’t bring luxury to the space. Therefore, it’s necessary to make the most of what is available. uPVC sliding doors and windows are one among the best investments to improve the attractive design of your home. The sliding system takes up less space and may be opened horizontally in both directions and raised easily. Whether the aim of windows and doors is ventilation, curb appeal or weather protection, UPVC systems work best for all uses.

There’s a misconception that sliding systems lack design flexibility. In contrast, the UPVC sliding system exudes class and elegance. Whether you are looking for glossy edges or the luxury of matte, you’ll get it all. So, it’s safe to mention that a UPVC window and door system can easily fit your personal style and aesthetic preferences.

Learn more about sliding systems for UPVC windows and doors:

Thermal damage

One of the most common misconceptions about UPVC systems is heat damage. This causes the plastic to weaken and lose its color. Weathering also causes swelling and shrinkage that damage the general structure of the sliding system.

Wind pressure

Wind load varies between floors. The height and geographical location of the building have an impact on wind loads. Therefore, the upper levels suffer more damage from wind loads than the lower levels. Resistance to wind shear and extreme weather require stronger doors and windows. Therefore, there’s still a misconception that UPVC is not an ideal choice for skyscrapers.


Although UPVC remains a low-maintenance material, it’s considered very difficult to manage UPVC windows in high-rise buildings. The matter increases many folds if the windows operate on a hinged mechanism.

Latch and rigid handle problems

Another misconception is that thanks to UPVC material swelling and shrinking, handles and latching systems are sometimes misaligned. This causes the accessories to vibrate and wobble.

In an attempt to debunk these myths, brands like Weatherseal Fenestration have proactively implemented much-needed reform and fact-checking. Read on to find out more about Weatherseal Fenestration and its innovative UPVC solutions.

Weatherseal Fenestration provides innovative solutions and Best configuration for UPVC windows and doors with an excellent network of dealers and partners across India.

Explore UPVC Sliding System (Doors and Windows) with UPVC windows  Weatherseal Fenestration 

  •  Elevates function and wonder. 

 Weatherseal Fenestration UPVC  windows and doors provide sound insulation. When closed, these doors and windows block outside disturbances, creating a cozy environment inside the room. 

  •  Weatherseal Fenestration UPVC windows and doors provide insulation 

 Weatherseal Fenestration UPVC windows and doors are ideal for extreme weather conditions. High-performance polymers are tough, lightweight, and provide excellent electrical insulating properties. The ability to protect from strong winds, thunderstorms,  and extreme heat remain one of its hidden advantages. The high resistance also makes the sliding system insensitive to extreme temperatures and seasons. As a result, profiles do not swell or deform. Because of heat passivation also protects corrugated iron against warping, chipping, rotting, and peeling. 

  •  Weatherseal Fenestration Low-maintenance UPVC windows and doors 

As we have always been mentioning, UPVC systems are the easiest to clean. Doors and windows do not need to have polish at all. Plus, since you don’t have to worry about termites, you don’t have to spend time on pest control or unnecessary furniture. The fabric provides fire resistance and long-lasting durability. Hence all of these make UPVC an easy-to-use material. Unlike hardwood or other materials, it does not need to be painted as often. Water and detergent are all that is needed to clean them. 

  •  UPVC windows and doors  are available in stylish designs 

 In addition to providing unparalleled protection, the UPVC Weatherseal Fenestration sliding system offers a wide range of colors and fine finishes. So you’ll be able to choose from an endless list of window and door designs according to your stylistic preferences to enhance the look of your room. The UV protected material retains its shape, luster, color and texture for many years. 

 Weatherseal Fenestration uPVC doors are qualified for all wind pressure tests.

  • Due to Weatherseal Fenestration’s high-quality material properties and gasket technology

Weatherseal Fenestration windows and doors are ideal for coastal areas and areas subject to wind pressure. Additionally, salt air, strong winds, and inclement weather do not affect the performance of the Weatherseal Fenestration profile for windows and doors. Weatherseal India windows and doors are high performings under wind resistance. Hence it will meet all requirements and provide solutions according to building design and elements to perform best for wind load. 

  •  Sealed windows Watertight uPVC doors and windows  

 Unplasticized PVC stainless steel. In addition, its excellent waterproof properties. Waterproof material prevents rain, dust and debris from entering the space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about rainwater getting caught between the window and door gaskets. So you get an extended life with a UPVC Weatherseal Fenestration window and door system. 

We strive to supply quality products all over India with reliable partners. We continuously innovate our products to meet the ever-changing market needs. Therefore, our window and door solutions will last a lifetime even when exposed to extreme temperatures and extreme weather conditions. So strength, durability, thermal stability, color retention and safety are the key characteristics we offer. 


 To clarify uPVC sliding window and door systems are the subject of interest for a number of reasons. So these products have become the preferred choice of all professionals. Although there was  a time when UPVC wasn’t even on the list of the most popular materials for process systems due to some misconceptions, today the dynamic has completely changed. With the notable entry of brands like Weatherseal Fenestration, UPVC has become a successful substitute. 

 Overall if you are looking for a complete solution to your heat and humidity problem, you cannot ignore UPVC Weatherseal Fenestration windows and doors. Hence the fenestration system protects the entire property in style and provides you with a safe and productive environment.