Why uPVC Windows are Better Alternative to Aluminum And Wooden Windows

admin on September 9, 2021

Why uPVC Windows are Better Alternative to Aluminum And Wooden Windows

Why uPVC Windows are Better Alternative: Know the Comparison Between , so you’re landing on the right place and after comparison altogether windows finally i will be able to tell you which of them is the best choice for your home.

Important Comparison Parameters

What is Window?

Windows are the opening in our walls, roofs, or doors and that they provide passage of sunshine , air and sound. actually windows are the link which connects the inside environment to the surface world. To sum up the features of windows, always look into Safety & Security, thermal insulation, Air & Ventilation, Noise insulation, Daylight. As these are the properties which play a crucial role in consideration of windows.

Let’s deep dive into the Comparison

1) Composition
Un-plasticized PVC during which metal is embedded in the frame to form it strong and sturdy . It is created with an aluminium section either powder coating or anodized.

2) Energy at the time of Production
UPVC windows are environment friendly as they require very less energy to convert from staple to end .
Whereas Aluminium windows used a great deal of energy in conversion. Aluminium windows require 7.5 tonnes more energy than that required to manufacture UPVC windows.
And, wooden window require less energy as compared to aluminium windows

3) Strength and sturdiness
Because UPVC is made with plastic however it is embedded with steel but its strength is sort of low as compared to all windows. The strength and sturdiness of Upvc windows is high as compared to aluminium windows.
Whereas Aluminium windows are stronger .It has high strength and sturdiness . Aluminium Windows can have a slimmer appearance and a bigger glass area thanks to the strength. For these reasons they’re very fashionable for commercial and public buildings like schools, offices and government buildings. This will be an honest benefit for residential building too.
Whereas wooden windows are more stronger and sturdy than UPVC windows and low as compared to aluminium windows.

4) Operations
UPVC windows are often operated smoothly without making any noise.
Whereas aluminium windows resound thanks to expansion and contract and are affected with weathers and moisture.
Wooden windows aren’t smooth; they create noise while operating.

5) Expansion and Contraction
UPVC doesn’t expand or contract to an equivalent extent as aluminium or timber. It can remain stable and not shrink which mostly results in badly fitting windows.
Whereas Aluminium features a very high expansion coefficient as compared to upvc. results in distortion if not manufactured and installed properly.
Wood has an inert property to soak up or expand and contract which eventually results in distortion & gaps.

6) Thermal Insulation (It means reduction of warmth transfer)
UPVC Windows provide superior thermal insulation to your home from outside heat as UPVC may be a poor conductor of warmth . Windows made with UPVC are generally better thermal insulators than aluminium.
Whereas Aluminium has high conductive material which suggests heat can undergo it very easily. For a short time Aluminium was therefore seen as a thermally inefficient choice for windows compared to Upvc.
Wood may be a poor conductor of warmth , however improper sealing and bending can allow heat to pass.

7) Termite Proof
Aluminum and UPVC both are termite proof. They both are resistant to termite.
And Wooden Windows are susceptible to termites. it’s vital to make sure that wooden windows are sealed with the right product within the correct manner before installation.

8) Waste Disposal
After Usage up to 99% UPVC Materials are often separated from hardware and reinforcement.
Whereas just in case of aluminium windows separation is difficult as profiles are treated with paints, silicon & various protection and coatings.
In the case of Wooden Windows separation of hard wares is difficult.

9) Resistance to corrosion
UPVC Windows don’t rust or corrode thanks to inherited materials characteristics.
Aluminium windows also don’t corrode but it’s vulnerable to oxidation thanks to moisture & susceptible to corrosion especially if you reside near a coastal environment. So, if you reside in coastal areas strictly avoid
Whereas Wooden Windows don’t rust or corrode.

10) UV resistance
UPVC Windows are made from a special UV resistant blend and thus they do not fade even after exposure to the sun. 100% UV Resistant.
Whereas Aluminium Windows are typically powder coated or anodized. If the powder coating isn’t of high UV resistance then it can discolour quickly.
Whereas Wooden Windows start fading very soon. They require constant Re-polishing or finishing. No UV Resistant.

11) Fire
UPVC Windows are self-extinguishing and don’t propagate fire.
Whereas Aluminium Windows are very high melting temperature and hence they’re high fire resistant.
And Wooden Windows can erupt very easily.

12) emergency exit
UPVC Windows can allow easy escape just in case of fireside .Due to its lower softening temperature glass are often pushed out of the frame easily.
Aluminium and glass both have high freezing points and thus don’t assist in easy break free .
Wood itself can erupt very easily so it’s also not an emergency exit .

13) Eco Friendliness
UPVC are environmental friendly Materials.
Aluminium also is environmentally friendly material.
Whereas wood isn’t environment friendly because it causes deforestation.

14) Sound Insulation
UPVC Windows offer better sound proofing as compared to aluminium and wooden windows. However it’s work noting that an excellent deal of sound proofing comes from the glazing itself. If you reside during a very noisy area UPVC could also be a favourable option for you.
Aluminium Windows aren’t sound proof as compared to UPVC and wooden windows.
In case of sound proofing wooden windows are better than the Aluminium.

15) Aesthetics & Looks
UPVC Windows have slightly of a repetition for being bulky & unsightly and thus the plastic look isn’t particularly appealing for home owners who want something slightly more unique for his or her property. It’s stylish & particularly modern & antique looks with different colours and finishes.
Aluminium Windows frames are often much slimmer than the UPVC windows which provides the clean and minimal look that’s very fashionable in modern homes. Limited colour pattern, Limited section design.
Wooden Windows are aesthetically pleasing but they seem poor if not maintained properly. And limited design.

16) Weight
UPVC & Aluminium are light weight.
Whereas Wooden Windows are heavy in weight.

17) Finishing
UPVC Windows doesn’t require any paint or polish.
Whereas Aluminium Windows requires powder coating or anodizing.
And, Wooden Window requires painting and polishing.

18) Scrap Value
Upvc has a low scrap value as compared to aluminium but more scrap value as compared to wood.
Aluminium features a high scrap value as compared to both UPVC and wood.
Wood features a really low scrap value as compared to Both UPVC and Aluminium.

19) Effect of Moisture
UPVC doesn’t swell because of moisture.
Whereas water with high PH can attack all aluminum alloys.
Whereas just just in case of Wooden Windows wood could also be a porous material so it absorbs water and expands, and when it expands it’s difficult to shut the windows.

20) weather
UPVC Windows are often utilized in any weather . they’re suitable for all areas including castle areas.
Whereas Aluminium Windows are designed to face up to some pretty extreme conditions. But if the powder coat gets damaged then it’s going to get corroded.
Wooden Windows can’t be utilized in coastal areas and therefore the areas where heavy rainfall occurs. Hence they are not recommended in extreme weather , heavy rainfall areas or high moisture areas.

21) Refurbished old Windows
UPVC windows don’t need to be refurbished.
Aluminum windows are often refurbished and coating again and again.

22) Recycling
UPVC Windows are often recycled quite 10 times. It means you’ll melt UPVC 10 times and again use it.
Wooden & Aluminium Windows also can be recycled but it’s a limitations.

23) Security
UPVC Windows & Aluminium Windows
Both Aluminium and UPVC windows are pretty secured whereas timber windows are susceptible to forced entry if they degrade.

24) lifetime
UPVC windows are the foremost durable in nature thanks to its chemical properties.

25) Maintenance
UPVC windows are maintenance free. UPVC windows don’t require Repainting it require only routine cleaning and are straightforward to wash .
Whereas Aluminium windows may require periodic maintenance over long periods of usage. Thanks to corrosion, paints come out and demand powder coating.
Wooden windows need regular painting and polishing.
One linear Rule always followed by the architect.

UPVC :- For home UPVC windows are the simplest option. it’s ideally fitted to the house and every one space.

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