uPVC Windows Kerala

admin on December 26, 2020

Our windows and doors are made from highest quality and fabricated from CNC automated machines with precision and that we have very trained powerful team to handle any sort of tough situations. We use international branded products and hardware for producing our upvc windows Kerala.

Weatherseal uPVC windows are made from top quality international uPVC profiles which provides our windows lifelong warranty and better living . they’re crafted to the very best quality specifications making it ideal for rigorous indian climate . Moreover , our onsite installation facilities are top-notch .

Weatherseal uPVC windows has installed over 3 Lakh sq.feet of windows and doors. Our customers are assured of design support, fabrication, firm commitments on deliveries and a trained installation team, to make sure consistent quality. All Weatherseal uPVC windows Profiles confirms upvc profile’s outer wall thickness quite 2.5 mm, with tropical mix, Impact resistance as per International standards also as welding strength in accordance to standards.

Empowered with knowledge of India’s extreme conditions, Weatherseal uPVC windows has designed uPVC windows and doors that are ready to withstand India’s extreme climate. With Weatherseal uPVC windows, customer is assured of end to finish service ranging from selecting right designs, site survey, fabrication, delivery and installation. As window experts, Weatherseal uPVC windows takes pride in its ability to serve individual homes and enormous developers with equal ease. Our windows are available during a wide selection of designs (french, shaped, tilt & turn and casement) and hues and can not only greatly improve the looks and security of your home but by choosing products with a high Window Energy Rating you’ll also reduce your energy bills.

Weatherseal uPVC windows offer variety of advantages over conventional wood, aluminum and steel windows. a number of these benefits, that greatly improve quality of life, are as follows: Noise and mud Proof: Silicon sealing, multi point locks and non-conducting properties of UPVC make these windows noise and mud proof. the corporate has engineered a special windows for heavy torrential rains. Windows to face up to wind speeds by imparting additional strength. Ventilation: simple use allows ample ventilation and sunlight within the house. Maintenance free and long lasting – These windows don’t require paint or polishing and are therefore maintenance free. Saves Energy – These windows cuts air con costs significantly.

uPVC Vs Wood and Aluminum Weatherseal uPVC windows compared with aluminum and wood are always stronger, safer, sound resistant, heat resistant and burglar proof. uPVC windows are the foremost advanced innovation within the window history.

GREEN Sustainable Products We are very proud to be using international standard profiles which is Green sustainable uPVC. Our profiles are 100% green environmental friendly. Weatherseal profiles are lead free and to stabilise the pvc profile calcium zinc is added in proportion. All the materials are made from PVC – U i.e. PVC without plastic. Therefore all the profiles made by Weatherseal is totally free from toxic heavy metals.

Why Choose Weatherseal uPVC Windows Kerala? There are 100’s of reasons to settle on us. We are the sole window manufacturer who use only genuine products to manufacture upvc windows. We use top quality upvc profiles, glass from saint gobain, hardware from Assa abloy GQ , Sealant from Mccoy Soudal and every one required accessories are from premium quality. We use German standards for production and manufacture of our Windows. We never compromise on quality of materials used, professional installation and after sales service. We give equal imporatance for all the three factors. We already crossed over thousands happy customers. We believe our vision and our team.

Elegant Looks Apart from all the highest features and advantages, upvc windows have the simplest looks to suit for all contemporary architecture.

Prevent Dust Bulidup Weatherseal uPVC windows is 100% Maintainance free and tiny particles are often easily removed using normal water and cleaning cloth. No painting or polishing required in your lifetime.

Saves Energy Upvc window with DGU glass with argon glass helps to totally stop the surface temperature and reduces the consumption of air condition upto 50% . Using right hardwares and accessories is extremely important during this matter.

Sound Insulation Weatherseal uPVC windows Kerala are totally sound proof window. Almost 80% sound insulation is feasible with normal single glazed windows and about 100% sound insulation is feasible with Double glazed windows.

Storm Resistant Strength of upvc window in comparison to aluminum and wood is top notch. All windows comes with GI reinforcement inside to offer the uPVC a far better strength.

Thermal Insulation uPVC windows doesn’t conduct heat unlike aluminum. Therefore it same cool effect like wooden windows. Double glass units with argon glass filling give the space a far better cooling effect.

UPVC WINDOWS Upvc windows – upvc windows Kerala unlike wooden windows comes in several patterns , Colors and styles . Every window is customisable in size and style as per the need of customer. Casement/openable windows, sliding windows, tilt and switch windows, bay windows, colonial windows etc are a number of the commonly used windows designs.

Tilt and switch Windows

Sliding Windows

Top Hung Windows

Casement Windows

Bay Windows

Colonial style Windows

UPVC DOORS Upvc doors – upvc door same like windows comes during a sort of design and pattern. Commonly used designs are door , openable door, lift and door , bifolding doors etc. Every doors are customisable.

Bi folding Doors

Sliding balcony Doors

Lift and sliding Doors

Casement Doors

Perfect Design Upvc windows in comparison with wooden window and aluminum, has better design altogether Architectural view. It suits best for contemporary architecture.

Carefully Planned Upvc windows helps the designer or architect to plan and adjust the windows in any manner as per their needs. Any sort of customisation is feasible .

Smartly Execute Window production and installation is administered as scheduled and committed even for huge projects. Installation doesn’t effect the opposite works in site. Windows are fully Manufactured and inspected in factory itself before dispatch to the location.

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