Weatherseal Leads the Bangalore market with UPVC windows and doors

admin on July 24, 2018

Weatherseal with UPVC Windows & Upvc Doors Bangalore

With weatherseal’s inception in 2015, Weatherseal UPVC windows and doors continue to serve the Bangalore customers with the quality UPVC windows and doors. Weatherseal started with the motive to serve Indian customers with UPVC windows and doors and to replace the traditional windows and doors with that of UPVC.  UPVC stands for Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride. This is the best polymer to be used in the manufacturing of UPVC windows and doors. This is not harmful and also saves the environment.

Observing all the qualities of UPVC, UPVC suits best for the manufacturing of UPVC windows and doors. It is of no exaggeration that no other material is as good as UPVC because UPVC does not rot or corrode and are also weather friendly. They are warm in winters and cool in summer. These UPVC windows and doors are manufactured with the UPVC profiles which are imported from Turkey. They have internal chambers which helps them to hold the cold winds in winter and hold heat in summer. Hence these windows and doors set best for the Indian climate.

Weatherseal UPVC windows and doors are also well known for their strength and security. UPVC profiles hold good strength and a multi-locking system is used. Therefore these windows and doors never compromise with the safety. They are also dustproof and cost-efficient, Weatherseal with UPVC Windows.

Weatherseal with UPVC Windows

Looking technically on the qualities of UPVC windows, These windows are Soundproof, waterproof and fireproof. These windows and doors give sound insulation up to 80% and keeps your place sound free and peaceful. They block the incoming sound and adds calmness to your home. The second technical quality of these windows and doors are their waterproof nature. These windows and doors are not only soundproof but are also waterproof and fireproof. They easily resist to fire and water.

All these facilitating features of windows and doors make them unique from other brands of UPVC windows and doors manufacturers. Weatherseal is so confident about the quality of products they provide is that they are providing 20 years of warranty on their profiles.

UPVC windows and doors are also the best lead-free or lead-proof windows and doors. These windows are more durable, more stable, more resistant to external impact, and remains attractive and shiny.

Thus, weatherseal windows and doors never compromise with the quality and look. They are sustainable, durable and extra resistant.