Why is uPVC best for Indian climates?

admin on August 1, 2018

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is an improvised and rigid version of PVC. uPVC is actually a substance from which the plasticizers have been removed. It is a widely used and famous material used in the fenestration industry. The construction industry uses uPVC widely in the commercial and residential properties as a successful and better replacement of wood and other metals! This material uPVC is famous globally and known for its benefits across the world. It has gradually penetrated the Indian market as well holding hand with the market leaders Weatherseal! This material uPVC is not only apt for the western climates but also for the Indian scenario! Let us discuss further the reasons why uPVC is best for Indian scenarios!

  1. Durability and Longevity:

The uPVC material unlike other materials for example wood, metals etc are prone to almost all kind of weathers. These materials are extremely durable and long lasting. Weatherseal proudly provides a warranty period of 10 to 20 years on these uPVC windows and doors. These uPVC materials are known for their anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-distortion properties. It means no amount of extreme exposures will result in rusting, rotting, corroding or distortion.

  1. Acoustic and thermal insulation:

The uPVC material is known for being a natural insulator. The material traps the external heat within itself and prevents transmission to the adjacent environment. The windows and doors made from Weatherseal uPVC are pre-installed with a special gasket technology, which prevents passage of any dust particles, heat or air. Hence your home gets a complete protection from any external interference. These windows and doors made from Weatherseal uPVC are ideal for the Indian climate. Not only has this, the internal glazing options available with these uPVC materials helped in sealing unwanted noises as well! The usage of double glazed glasses enhances this acoustic insulation to many folds reducing noise by up to 95 %!

  1. Low Maintenance:

uPVC materials are known for their strength and durability. They are known for another feature that is low maintenance. The special tests performed at Weatherseal guarantees minimum to negligible detrimental effects on the colour, texture and quality of the material uPVC under extreme exposures! Additionally, only simple wiping and cleaning techniques suffice the need of maintenance unlike that of wood and other metals!

  1. Safety and security :

These windows and doors made from uPVC are extremely safe and secured. The type of glass used can opt from the wide range of choices available with Weatherseal. The multiple locking systems add the extra layer of security. Also to ensure maximum safety these windows and doors made from uPVC are firmly fixed to the wall frame!

  1. Eco-friendly:

Amid the fast vanishing natural resources, these uPVC materials prove to be a boon. Not only they help saving a lot many trees but also do not harm the environment in any way during its manufacturing or disposal. These uPVC materials are also energy efficient and help in reducing power consumption to a larger extent!

  1. Sealing the weather:

These uPVC materials are waterproof, UV ray proof, thermal proof! This means no amount of extreme climatic conditions will affect the texture, quality or performance of these uPVC materials!

  1. Cost Effective:

The most attractive part of these uPVC materials is the cost-effectiveness. They are worth their price! They serve you long term without any extra maintenance!

  1. High aesthetic value:    The windows and doors made from uPVC are not only champions quality wise but also appearance wise. A varied range of designs and colours as per your requirement makes uPVC more desirable!

Knowing all the details might have excited you by now! So why delay more!

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