Why to opt for Weatherseal UPVC windows?

admin on July 19, 2018

UPVC stands for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride. Upvc is famously used for the manufacturing of UPVC windows and doors. They are fabricated and manufactured in such a way that these UPVC windows and doors are ultra-resistant towards the sound, Water and Fire. This profile is best for the Indian climatic conditions.

When compared to wood, UPVC is firmer. Wood is not resistant against the climate and termites might destroy them. This does not happen with UPVC. The added advantage of UPVC that it saves the trees. Therefore, having a look at UPVC from all angles proves that UPVC material is far better than any other material for the manufacturing of windows and doors. Having all these points in mind, lets us put a light on the benefits/ advantages of UPVC

Benefits / Advantages of UPVC:

  • UPVC windows and doors are much stronger and firmer when compared to other windows and doors. Because of this quality they perfectly replace the traditional ones.
  • The best quality of UPVC windows and doors are that they withstand all the climatic conditions and are literally weatherproof. They trap the heat in the chambers of the profile and give a cooling effect in summers and the opposite happens in winter. So, They are warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • They are fabricated and manufactured in such a way that these windows and doors require the least maintenance. This adds up to the benefits.
  • UPVC material is also famous for providing high insulation against noise. They block the incoming noise and keeps your surrounding peaceful and quiet. They almost block 80-90% of sound indoors.
  • These windows also keep your place warm by trapping the air which enters indoors. They completely cover your place and makes it warmer than before. Hence, UPVC bares all the climatic changes.
  • The UPVC windows are easy to fixed or install. They are also easy to remove or renovate. Wooden windows and doors are hard to fix and also hard to remove which becomes the demerit for wooden windows and doors.
  • UPVC material is very difficult to break when compared to wooden or aluminum. The multi-locking system of these makes them unbreakable and extra strong which is a prior quality for windows and doors.
  • UPVC windows and doors are anti-crowbar which means they cannot be forcibly opened or broken.
  • They are fireproof and fire resistant because of the technically sound characteristics of their profile which makes these UPVC windows and doors a special one.
  • No Iron component is used in the manufacturing of UPVC windows and doors from which these do not rot and are also resistant towards corrosion or salt-erosion.
  • As usual, these windows and doors are designed in such a way that these windows provide perfect ventilation and brightness indoors.

Why Weatherseal uPVC Windows And Door?

All these jaw-dropping qualities of UPVC windows and doors have made Weatherseal so confident about UPVC’s durability, strength and its outlook that Weatherseal offers 20 years of warranty on their profiles. These UPVC windows and doors come with different types such as French windows and doors, Casement windows and doors, sliding windows and doors, fixed windows, tilt and turn windows, Awning windows, ventilators and last but not the least, the most attractive and Weatherseal’s signature product, “The bi-fold door”.

Not only this, Weatherseal also offers the best quality of products that are ruling the Indian market of windows and doors. Check our blogs to know our advancement in South Indian market: