Advantages of laminated uPVC windows Bangalore

admin on September 24, 2020

Within the trend of more and more enhancement on the interior quality of uPVC profiles industry proved the higher performance of the lamination process will win the longer-term, needless to say. Look into the advantages of Weatherseal laminated uPVC windows Bangalore.

Lamination is usually the foremost popular process for colourful uPVC windows, but lamination hasn’t been accepted by the most market within the Asian market due to the high cost. Lamination relies on the superb quality of the branded film, which may not only solve the weather resistance problem but also fully meet the stress of personality and colouration for uPVC windows. In brief, lamination is nothing but wrap a high weather resistance foil on the uPVC profiles with high efficient and high weather resistance adhesive through a laminating machine.

The profiles just got to be kept for a few time to urge the adhesive solidified and may be used for the subsequent process. The outstanding advantages of lamination mainly appear within the following aspects: the surface of colourful profiles won’t bend or have deformation due to zero internal stress; different single colour and wood grain colour will have more design diversity; profiles colour are often easily and fast changed during lamination; flexible small batch production; environment-friendly and no pollution.

Films for Lamination
With more and more window film companies coming to the market and putting into efforts on research and promotion, many window film products with different characters and functions came up within the market.

According to the division of the bottom layer, it is often divided into PVC, PMMA, ASA, etc. which may also fundamentally decide the essential weather resistance ability of window film. And also we will get different levels of weather resistance films to adapt different climatic regions by the tactic of various technology on the surface layer treatment.

If your preference is for wooden shades, we are having a set of laminated UPVC window Bangalore profiles that feature the design & feel of natural wood with all benefits of UPVC. the first wood grain effect is produced by laminating the profile. Superior qualities of lamination films (which are specially made for tropical countries like India) are getting used to laminate white profile. Laminated UPVC windows & doors provide the texture of natural wood with superior thermal properties, optimum strength, and excellent weathering performance.

Wide range aesthetically pleasing laminates for our uPVC Windows profiles

Weatherseal also offers a good range of laminate options starting from contemporary colours to wooden textures for uPVC Windows Profiles. we offer colours that are best fitted to your homes. Our laminates are imported from Europe. they’re equipped to affect tropical weather and are available with a guaranty. Wooden textures have always been an evergreen choice when it involves beautifying our properties. during a bid to preserve nature, wooden textured laminates are an ideal replacement. Weatherseal houses a good range of wood grain textured laminates in Mahogany, Light Oak, Walnut and more.

Laminates are equipped with PVDF
Extreme weather resistance
Crack resistance
Colour stability
Gloss retention
Easy maintenance

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