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Dreams are for everyone! Everyone has a right to fantasize about their dream home! But most of us are scared to rely upon our dreams and imaginations and fear that they might never materialize into a living reality. But when Weatherseal UPVC is in town, all your imaginations about your dream home is secured and soon going to be a reality!

The picture perfect home you always wanted to possess is possible now. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a smaller place or you are bored with the regular doors guarding your home! Weatherseal Bangalore brings you UPVC Bi-fold doors which will blend colors to your dreams for sure!

Weatherseal UPVC bi-fold doors are the best choice when the question of maximizing space and light arises. If your home is quite smaller in space, then you must definitely evaluate the possibility of replacing your regular door fittings with bi-fold doors. Weatherseal UPVC bi-fold doors guarantee the illusion of space which in turn will uplift the mood of your home and your life! Thanking Weatherseal Bi-fold doors, Bangalore would be the only addiction you will be left with since then!

The Bifold doors come with 2 to 7 panels. You can expect expansive openings with the bi-fold doors. The ultra slim sightlines of these bi-fold doors visually applaud your home and additionally sparing you a better balcony space! The multi-lock systems available enables high security as well! 2 nylon guides and 4 wheels with rollers in the bi-fold doors makes its very smooth like butter during its operation!

The hidden running gears at the bottom and top of the hidden track add an additional rack to the safety and security of these doors. These hidden running gear feature also helps to avoid jimmying in the bi-fold doors from Weatherseal UPVC Bangalore. Worries about thermal insulation will just vanish with the bi-fold doors due to the unique double sealing of TPV gaskets.

The profile in the Weatherseal UPVC bi-fold doors has 5 chambers providing almost 80-95% of acoustic insulation. If constant whistling and rattling noise hamper your reliability on the bi-fold doors, the just relax and trust Weatherseal Bangalore!

The bi-fold doors from Weatherseal UPVC are installed with 2 mm G.I.  Re-enforcement which helps in a tight grip on the wall and prevents all rattling and whistling sounds! Already you can’t thank enough to Bangalore Weatherseal UPVC bi-fold doors! We’re sure!!

The unique design can expand the space and create an illusion of connecting the inside to the outside with elegance and touch of perfection! Closing these bi-fold doors offer much-enlarged view than the regular doors, creating a phantasm of bigger space and beautiful, classy interiors!

Now you can enjoy your garden barbeque with the dash of natural flora and fauna without compromising any space in your home with bi-fold doors. Crunching away from the idea of inviting guests won’t take a toll on your life anymore! Opting for bi-fold doors from Weatherseal UPVC, Bangalore illuminates your mood and home forever with a glamour glow!

Don’t fade away from the idea of grabbing the market leaders of bi-fold doors from Weatherseal and making them a part of your home! Hurry up! Log into our website for more details!


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