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WEATHERSEAL UPVC WINDOWS : If you are looking for the best company to provide you with the high-quality UPVC windows in the Bangalore market. Just blindly rely upon Weatherseal! Weatherseal proudly marks its presence all over the southern market of the country as one of the pioneers in providing UPVC windows and doors.

The cutting-edge technology and the precisions of machinery used for manufacturing the UPVC windows at Weatherseal ensure the best quality products with unique features which are ruling the Bangalore market.

Let’s walk through the categories of the UPVC windows from Weatherseal Bangalore briefly.

  1. Casement UPVC windows

    These are the UPVC windows that can be opened inwards and outwards with the support of the hinges attached to the frame. The superior quality of material used for these windows makes them extremely durable, soundproof and heat resistant. One can have these UPVC windows in suitable patterns. So as to help the windows to hold and direct the breeze inside the home. Your wish for a modern, contemporary, soft line features for windows can be a reality with Weatherseal UPVC windows. The multi-lock feature ensures high safety and security. The additional features which will catch your attention are the variety of colors, high dust resistance and the modern yet old charming looks!

  2. Awning UPVC windows

    The most in-thing amongst the new-gen architects is the Awning UPVC windows which can easily be compatible with all modern and traditional buildings. When it rains cats and dogs outside, no more tension of having a hot claustrophobic environment inside the kitchen/bathroom/storeroom. The awning UPVC windows from Weatherseal Bangalore enables soothing breeze from outside as the hinges are fixed at the bottom or on the top! Weatherseal claims to be the proud distributor of these specialized UPVC awning windows across cities.

    The important corners in your home are the kitchen, bathroom and the storerooms. One can’t just ignore them when it comes to the ventilation, illumination and apt air flow in these places. Weatherseal Awning UPVC windows are just the right kind of windows suited for that purpose. The specially crafted windows are made to fit with such elegance and precision that you can only open your thoughts for expressing your amazement!

  3. French UPVC windows

    The French windows are the most popular among the lot! The most qualified flavor of the French windows is readily available with Weatherseal Bangalore. The customer choice is of most importance. These UPVC windows can be customized to a variety of colors as per the customer choice. The extra strong and durable glass installed alongside the French UPVC windows works like the icing on the cake. French UPVC windows with 4 chambers from Weatherseal also give you thermal and acoustic insulation to the maximum. G.I reinforcement prevents rattling and whistling noises adding to the strength. The long-term warranty with these UPVC windows adds more charm to the existing features.

  4. Sliding UPVC windows

    The right choice of the windows in case of space constraints. The sliding UPVC window not only gives your home that extra oomph factor. It also makes sure that no space constraint can hinder your dream of having a perfect home with perfect windows! This UPVC are extremely durable and have immense resistance to any adverse weather outside your home. No tension of water leakage or air leakage for that matter of fact. Also if you tend to be skeptical about the look and feel about these UPVC windows over a longer period of time. Be sure that no question of fading or wearing out will arise. These UPVC windows from Weatherseal have been under extreme conditions for test. The result, they came without any detrimental effect.

  5. Fixed UPVC windows

    These UPVC windows are for the nature lover out there. They open inwards or outwards with the support of fixed hinges on the frame. The ultra-slim slightness brings in the soft yet elegant look to your home. The long-term durability, strength, waterproofing, heat and acoustic insulation make them one of the most demanded UPVC windows in the Bangalore market.

  6. Tilt and Turn UPVC windows

    The UPVC windows with the updated and latest tilt and turn hardware fittings. These are one of the unique products from Weatherseal, Bangalore. They work like magic for French windows for balconies and verandas.

Now that you are through with the types of weather proof fenestration provided by Weatherseal UPVC Bangalore, which is ruling the city market, why to wait more? Log into our website and enjoy the euphoria!